When pasting Rich Text into a Text field, please PASTE it... 
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: Craig Wiseman24988 11 Feb 2008
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When pasting rich text into a text field, please either paste it as plain text or allow me to choose "paste special - as text". I really DO get that "only text can be pasted into this type of field." please help me do this....

Note: A Notes 8 client displayed this errror.

1) Paul Davies13558 (11 Feb 2008)
agrred - you can paste rich text into Notepad and then re-copy and paste into a text field so this workaround shouldn't be necessary.

also - why is an Excel selection pasted as a bitmap when it clearly should be pasted as Rich Text

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2) Wendall Mosemann503 (11 Feb 2008)
I agree with this idea. Why should I have to convert RT to text in order to paste it into Notes Text format? The clipboard contents should be converted to text and pasted into the text field without me having to do the work. Should work like Excel ... if you are editing a cell's contents using F2 or double-click in a cell (in this mode the cell will only accept text) and when you paste from the clipboard, Excel will only paste in text from the clipboard.
3) Robert Ibsen Voith4057 (11 Feb 2008)
Oh yes! What about extending the idea somewhat? I'd like to sometimes control what format I would regard as "default paste format" in certain fields. Let's say I'v got an older app with a rich text format, and my old app only wants pure text with no formatting (for example from Word ...). It would be great then if I could set "Plain text" to be the preferred, default paste format for *that* field.
4) Mark Haller1299 (22 Feb 2008)
This is a fantastic suggestion and I've no idea how the product has continued to be released without this FIXED.

It goes further though ... try and grab a nice big text file and paste it into a JS library ... you can consistently CRASH the Designer client.

And what about that little eMail address you grabbed from a webpage and want to paste in, anywhere in Notes? I get so bored waiting for my hourglass to come back and finish doing something really clever, that I CTRL-break and then go back to Paste Special / Text, or run up Notepad.
5) Graham Richards2211 (06 Feb 2009)
In the mean time, Alan Lepofsky bloged about an extension that allows you to do this with a Shift-Ctrl-Insert called Accelerator.

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