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: Peter Presnell28487 01 Sep 2009
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Add a new @PhoneNumber(number;[defaultcountry];[format]) command (and LS equivalent) that take any phone number strips out the special characters and then reformats it in a standard format.  This would be used a s a way of standardizing the presentation of phone numbers on forms and views and may even be useful for validation of phone numbers.
The optional default country parameter would be used to set the default country codes for numbers without a country code.
Yes,  Phone numbers have many anomolies but not that many that we couldn't make use of a large proportion of international phone numbers. e.g. most international phone numbers have 11 numbers.  National numbers have 8,9, or 10 based upon the country code having 1,2 or 3 digits.

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (02 Sep 2009)
Not to be negative, but I'm not sure it would work. For the US, it would certainly work, as it is a very standardized phone number system across the country. For Sweden, it's not very standardized.

Sweden has area codes with 2 to 4 digits, and phone numbers with 5 to 8 digits. That's just one example, there are countless others. Nevertheless, I've promoted this idea.
2) Theo Heselmans9557 (02 Sep 2009)
I agree with Peter (from Sweden). We got the same problem in Belgium.
Besides, some of my customers prefer having their number stored as international, so beginning with e.g. +32(0)2....
Very confusing. The only thing I usually suggest (and add) is an input translation:
@replacesubstring(@thisvalue;"/":".";" ")
to have at least some unwanted characters stripped, and have a sense of 'same-ness'.
I promoted too, for those that do have/want consistent phone/fax numbers.
3) Richard Schwartz4594 (12 Sep 2009)
I'm afraid there's no such thing as a standard phone number format. I don't see how this could ever work in a multinational company.
4) Christopher Boote10606 (16 Sep 2009)
@3 Clearly you're American 8-)
There is indeed a standard 'phone number format!
It's +<country code>space(<optional special code>space)<area code>space<subscriber number>

So for the US +1 123 1234567
For the UK +44 208 12345678 or +44 1344 123456
For a UK mobile number +44 7 973 123456
For a Swedish number +46 12 12345678 or +46 1234 12345

This would be a very simple feature to implement - and would also be useful as an @text option and a standard lotusscript format string
5) Dirk Stelloh2732 (16 Sep 2009)
@Christopher Boote
Is this a worldwide standard? Did you ever sync a Nokia mobile with the PNAB? Doing so strips all spaces from your phonenumbers...

No standard - no @phonenumber

just my 2 cents ;o)
6) Bill Malchisky12192 (06 Jan 2010)
Add a variable for country (and if in the PNAB), then the filter would work accordingly. I think it can work, as long as the nation is considered with the parsing algorithm.

@5 sounds like a flaw in the synching routine. But yes, a pain none-the-less.
7) Peter von Stöckel5721 (07 Jan 2010)
OK, so Notes will need to know about all area codes, and ways of writing a phone number from all around the world, and all international prefix's. That's a database in itself, and it could be greater in size than the Notes client install.

@4: What standard should be used to present a phone number? Does it always have to be in an international form? Maybe there's strictly national companies that doesn't want the international prefix? So the database will have to include information on how each country writes a phone number. As I said before, Sweden has area codes varying from 2 to 4 digits, and phone numbers varying from 5 to 8 digits.

I'm tempted to change my promote to a demote, due to the impossibility of it, but I'll let it stand as it is for now.


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