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: David Dissinger435 04 Jan 2008
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Loading the notes 8 client with the eclipse backend takes a lot longer than the other versions.  Users get confused because it sits for so long and they think that it is locked up.  Then they kill the client and local processes get messed up.  There needs to be a 'Loading....' piece when users open their clients.  As seen on gmail.  This will let all end-users know what is happening.

1) Keith Brooks6439 (04 Jan 2008)
You should note you can disable the Productivity tools from loading, this will cut your time down immensely.
2) William McLoone219 (05 Jan 2008)
Considering that Notes/Domino Version 8 is focused on the user experience I think this is a great idea. Some type of animated status indicator (icon, progress bar, text scrolling, etc.) would let the user know the system is still working and would reduce negative first impressions.
3) Slawek Rogulski9372 (05 Jan 2008)
@2 - Agree, although just thinking out loud that seeing a status bar is a statement that "things are not as fast as they should be". So while the progress bar is a way to manage the expectations it does not fulfill on the expectations.
4) Axel Janssen6869 (07 Jan 2008)
I am yet no expert in Notes 8, but I think that much of the long startup time has to do with the fact, that it eagerly loads lots of plug-ins. With the time it might become clearer for administrators how to fine tune the client settings towards the optimum for the users.
5) Peter Moline1474 (11 Jan 2008)
I suspect that AV scanning is another reason for long load times.
6) Grant Lindsay1038 (30 Jan 2008)
I heard at LS08 that the slow load is due to reading a bunch of fonts into memory at start up (as I understood it.) This has been fixed in 8.0.1 and they promise a better experience.
7) Grant Lindsay1038 (30 Jan 2008)
The Eclipse IDE has a progress bar on the splash screen that indicates loading progress. Other apps do something similar.
8) Mark Haller1299 (23 Feb 2008)
Yeah, take a look at any Adobe product - there apps are big and based on plugin architecture, and not only are slow to startup, but also show what plugin/element is being loaded.

@Axel - hmmm, sounds interesting. I wonder if there are plugins loaded at startup that could be loaded on demand as you progress through the application? Or removed alltogether?


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