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Make the Notes client check the attachment size BEFORE sending the email 
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: Attachment, limit, server
: Paul Mooney2039 10 Apr 2008
: / Email
Currently you can set a max size attachment for an email on the server.  You can do this using configuration settings or even rules (more complex).  I have a problem with this.  No matter what way you set this, there is nothing stopping a user attaching ANY size attachment to an email and trying to send.  This means that:
1. the client stalls attaching the file.
2. The client stalls sending the file
3. Domino server gets hit processing this email
4. Domino server rejects the email
5. attachment still exists in the users mail file
Lets use some sense here.  I want the Notes mail file to be able to query the attachment size at the client side, so it is checked to be below the quota BEFORE it is attached, therefore stopping the hit and informing the user that it is too big.  OpenNTF mail file already has this feature - the native mail file should aswell

1) Bruce Elgort8298 (10 Apr 2008)
Paul if they fixed this then you would be one story short for your Worst Practices session.
2) Paul Mooney2039 (11 Apr 2008)
@1 - I could live with it!! :)
3) Kevin Pettitt832 (11 Apr 2008)
Going to have to look at the OpenNTF mail template again - I never noticed before since I tend to be careful not to blow out the quota/limit.

Just in case anyone finds this and wants code to limit attachment size in custom applications, I blogged about an approach a while back: { Link }
4) Oliver Regelmann4949 (14 Apr 2008)
I think this should be set by policies. Checking against your server configuration makes no sense because

1. you never know over which servers your mail routes
2. mail size could be limited by other applications which allow a more granular setting than Domino's own configuration.
5) Martin Humpolec706 (14 Apr 2008)
Well, the problem is which quota it should take - your home server or all the servers it would go across? Know a bunch of clients who has some limits for emails sent inside and other for outside (of course lower) and there will be the problem anyway.
6) Tim Paque2757 (15 Apr 2008)
Big thumbs up on this one.
7) Steve Whitehouse46 (21 Apr 2008)
Absolutely - tired of hearing the calls, "Why is this email taking so long for delivery?" I would go one further and request that the code be capable of determining the total message size based for BCCs also. Sending a BCC message containing a 10 MB attachment to 800 people is probably just as bad as sending a 100 MB message to 2/3 people in terms of server issues.
8) Todd mrskos15 (30 Apr 2008)
I've actually already submitted an enhancement request (SPR MCMA7CASE4) for this issue. I was told it would not be addressed in the 6.5.x codestream, but maybe 7 or 8? Notes would need to reject the messages by the notes client router before sending it, ideally, before trying to attach it.
9) Denny Russell325 (02 May 2008)
I agree this is a huge problem and something our customers have always asked about. After so many requests, we decided to do something about it. Our product, Mail Attender, has been doing this for several years now. Here is a { Link } for those who might be interested.

10) Stephen Bailey1819 (19 May 2008)
I can't see this feature in the OpenNTF mail template that I have?

Definitely a feature that Notes should have.
11) Laura Schmalgemeier11 (30 May 2008)
Please, please, please I want this feature. I have inDuhviduals working at my company.
12) Joe Rybacek11 (20 Jan 2009)
Brilliant idea! Please get this in the mail template.
13) Mike Hollenbeck44 (30 Jan 2009)
Can we look at additional options with this?

1. Set a warning flag if the file is more than a certain size, but not above the limit.
2. Set a size limit for attachments when sending to multiple recipients. This would need to be done of course before the email is sent, not at the attachment point. May not be needed with DAOS.
14) Luca Santi10 (27 Aug 2009)
I think it's a very good ad useful idea
15) Wibowo Gunawan10 (02 Nov 2010)
Better the features not just set for all users, but we can set for specific users, user per user setting or by policies per groups
16) Amy Luu153 (15 Aug 2011)
Many outside mail systems won't allow large attachments either. We don't have quotas or size limits - yes, the horror - in place. So, currently we have users sending 350mb attachments to their gmail accounts. Our spam filters gets clogged on the way out, and gmail is gracious enough to send an NDR with the attachment back to us, clogging the system on the way back in...

If the user could know right from the "click to attach" point our limits, it will save tons of time. Otherwise, the user "thinks" the recipient received their email, and all is well in their little purple sky world.
17) Sam Sawatzky223 (13 Jul 2012)
This hit us this week when a user tried to email over a gig of photos. The file kept uploading to the server, and for some reason, it created multiple DAOS NLO's and started to fill the HDD.

After opening a PMR about the issue, I received the following email:


I am contacting you regarding your request for a product enhancement to " allow the routing mail limit to be applied at the client rather than at the server"
I wanted to let you know that an SPR enhancement request already exists for this functionality , and the SPR number is # XXQU8JGFRK. It will be considered for a future release of the client

I also wanted to let you know that I have created a customer report for your PMR and added it to the SPR. This will increase the "Weight" of the issue.


We'll see if one more request will help.
18) Larry Zwerlin30 (16 Jul 2015)
1. Download AttachZIP to restrict attachment size for each user. It allows you to specify maximum attachment size for specified IBM DD groups.

i.e. AttachZIP end user profile

Maximum attachment size: 10240 KB for default users
20000 KB for IBM DD group 2: AttachZIP HR users
30000 KB for IBM DD group 2: AttachZIP Accounting users
40000 KB for IBM DD group 3: AttachZIP IT users

{ Link }

2. Otherwise, you can globally restrict message size for Notes users, and globally restrict messages size and attachment size for iNotes users as seen below.

IBM Notes: Restricting message size

1. Open DD Server configuration settings document - Router/SMTP tab - Restrictions and Controls tab - Restrictions tab, then change field: Maximum message size

IBM iNotes: Restricting message size and attachment size

1. Open DD Server configuration settings document, then click IBM iNotes tab and change field: Maximum attachment size (kb)

2. Open DD Internet Sites (Web Site) document, then click Domino Web Engine tab and change field: Maximum POST data (in kilobytes):

3. Open DD Server document, then click Internet Protocols tab - HTTP tab and change HTTP Protocol Limits field: Maximum size of request content


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