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: John de Giorgio692 15 Jan 2009
: / Email
When converting Outlook users to Notes one feature asked for consistently in my experience is the ability to wrap an e-mail thread into an attachment and send it to someone. I am not talking about the mail history but something more.

I am not sure how it works in Outlook but users ask for it so it probably must be useful.

Anyone else been receiving this type of request?

1) David Vasta2524 (16 Jan 2009)
Yes, it is a feature I have many request fror from former Outlook users. I would be very nice to do. Along with the ability to forward Calendar Items too. But I think that is another idea to jam about.
2) Larry C569 (16 Jan 2009)
Sounds very useful
3) Christian Zalto532 (25 Jan 2009)
You can even drag and drop Outlook mail threads on your Windows desktop or into the file system and everything gets converted into an .msg file. I'd really like to see Notes documents as standalone documents without the need for an .nsf wrapper.
4) Darren Duke3521 (10 Feb 2009)
As David points out this a VERY common request from customers who have migrated from Outlook. Heartily promoted.
5) Felix Binsack322 (18 Feb 2009)
Just right click on a folder or a selection of mails and have an option "save archive as" which opens an dialog to save the mails in one file on the file-system.

Add an option to the tools menu "import archive".

Is great for

a) passing information to new project members
b) archiving old projects and thereby reducing mail file size
6) Angela Caruso34 (16 Jun 2009)
Yes, my customers are asking for this. It is a major complaint for previous Outlook users. For example: They want to save all project (or customer, or whatever subject) related emails in a windows folder, as they may already have other files in these windows folders, they want to keep the files and the emails together.
7) Bas van Gestel2994 (11 Nov 2009)
There actually already is a .eml reader and IBM has the code to export a Notes document to an eml nicely (used by the Quickr and Connections connectors). An option to export to .eml and to import an eml would be great. Off course also dispose these options to the designers in @formula, LS and Java.

Next step would be drag-drop support.

This feature would make Lotus Notes much more open and allow sharing of emails with other collegeas a lot easier in other apps (discussion templates, knowledge bases, CRM databases, etc.), without losing format.
8) Bas van Gestel2994 (07 Dec 2010)
In case you didn't know from 8.5.2 it is possible to drag and drop e-mail messages from Notes to Windows Explorer to export as .eml. Also import to a mail file by dragging from the OS to Notes works.
9) John de Giorgio692 (07 Dec 2010)
Thanks for the heads up Bas. I had noticed this and was very happy to see it but had forgotten having created this thread 11 months ago :-)


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