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Standalone Domino Designer Client 
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: Domino Designer
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: Jüri Raidma155 06 Sep 2010
: / Email
Completely standalone DDE, which can be installed or removed regardless of Notes Client version. Could be available as any other Eclipse IDE package.

1) David Hablewitz15242 (07 Sep 2010)
I don't see the value this adds that would justify whatever effort it would take to make this happen. If you need a Notes client of a different version, there are ways of fooling the software into letting you do it.

A better solution is to allow installing multiple versions like we could in the old R3/R4/R5 days.
2) Jüri Raidma155 (07 Sep 2010)
* Domino Designer not locking Notes processes (- most important!)
* Can more efficiently test applications using different user ID's and roles
* Designer crashes won't affect running Notes client
* Can make different Designer installation bundles, with external tools
* Smaller installation packages (for example no Admin client in Development pack) and perhaps better startup times
3) Vlad Sh10448 (07 Sep 2010)
Jüri, I fully support!

* Notes client crashes won't affect running Designer!
Clients often fall or, for example, when visiting a long time in the debugger, somewhere within an hour debugger is not turn on - need to restart Notes and Designer, which is a long time.
These situations a lot.
4) Bruce Lill6687 (08 Sep 2010)
It would save me from running the designer in a VM image so it won't interfere with the Notes Client.
Although I would prefer to have a Linux Designer which will never happen.
5) David Hablewitz15242 (01 Oct 2010)
While you're waiting for this feature to be implemented, have you tried this?
{ Link }
6) Jüri Raidma155 (25 Oct 2010)
Thank's for the link, I use Designer 6.5 this way, but it seems that Eclipse based Designer is not that easy to trick... :-)
If anyone has managed to run Notes 8.5.x client and DDE as separate processes on same machine, please post info.


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