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add LSUTCTime property to NotesDateTime 
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: Domino Designer
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: Mike VandeVelde341 27 Oct 2010
: / Email
Similar to LSGMTTime and LSLocalTime, it would be nice if it was easier to get a UTC formatted date.
(ps It would also be nice to fix LSGMTTime so that it returns a time component when it works out to midnight. This would make writing our own UTC functions, among other things, much less of a pain! If you weren't aware of this, be sure to test for it!)

1) Peter Presnell26659 (11 Nov 2010)
I included the code for this in my DominoFramework project. Your idea would be better as a suggestion to enhance the SSJS class. IBM are unlikely to enhance LS any time soon.

Property Get UTC As String

Dim UTCDayName As String
Dim UTCDay As String
Dim UTCMonth As String
Dim UTCYear As String
Dim UTCTime As String
Dim UTCSign As String
Dim UTCZone As String

If (iDate Is Nothing) Then Exit Property
UTCDayName$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "ddd")
UTCDay$= Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "dd")
UTCMonth$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "mmm")
UTCYear$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "yyyy")
UTCTime$ = Format$(iDate.LSLocalTime, "hh:nn:ss")
If Sgn(iDate.TimeZone) < 0 Then UTCSign$ = "-" Else UTCSign$ = "+"
If iDate.TimeZone < 10 Then UTCZone$ = "0" + CStr(Abs(iDate.TimeZone)) Else UTCZone$ = CStr(Abs(iDate.TimeZone))
UTCZone$ = UTCSign$ + UTCZone$ + "00"
UTC$ = UTCDayName$ + ", " + UTCDay$ + " " +UTCMonth$+ " " +UTCYear$ + " " +UTCTime$ + " " + UTCZone$
Exit Property


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