I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form. 
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: Carl Rizzo1674 07 Feb 2010
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This would be extremely useful when I am creating a view with many fields.  Especially when that view is specifically used for importing data.  Thank You.

1) Paul Davies13558 (08 Feb 2010)
yes - this would be useful for importing and debugging
2) Peter Presnell28487 (08 Feb 2010)
Yes it would be useful but I am not sure how often I would use it. A feature such as this would simply be so far down on my priority list.
3) Bruce Lill10666 (08 Feb 2010)
Would it pull just the fields on the form or on the documents using that form?
I would have to agree with Peter, too low in pirority to consider. I don't think I have ever had or wanted more then 4-5 columns in a view anyway.
4) Carl Rizzo1674 (08 Feb 2010)
I do see how you might think it not too important, but I run into this all the time.

The first thing you want to do after you create a form is usually create a view for the docs created with that form. I would rather be able to pick a form than a default view to base my new view off of. I just completed an ROI Db where I imported most of the data. I had five forms with about 20 fields each. I need each column in the view so I can see that the data was imported correctly.

The other scenario that I run into is I am adding a field to a view and it is a Db with many forms. I have many forms in some DB's that go back to before I was the developer, so I can't always remember the name of each field. I have to go and open the form where the field is to see what the name was so I can add it to the view.

5) Carl Rizzo1674 (08 Feb 2010)
Oh and Bruce - I would put just the fields on the form. Maybe I would just catogorize the list of fields by forms that are already listed in designer.
6) Graham Richards2211 (11 Feb 2010)
Here's an alternate idea - Allow you to select / filter the Fields list to just those fields on a selected form, and allow Drag-and-drop into the view area.

You could do a Select All, and drag to get everything, or just go after the fields you are interested in.
7) Bruce Lill10666 (11 Feb 2010)
@6 Graham - it would be nice to see the field list grouped by form used. An add column button that would show the list and let you select the fields to use in columns.

Yes I could go for that.
8) Carl Rizzo1674 (11 Feb 2010)
I think both variations would be great!
9) Paul Davies13558 (13 Feb 2010)
essentially we are talking about a field list as you would typically get in a SQL database query designer
10) Scott Cochrane1847 (17 Feb 2010)
@6 / @7 - yep, I'd go for that too. @9 Yes, pretty much like that.

One of those not essential features, but the sort of small productivity enhancement that once there you might wonder how you ever lived without it.
11) Bill Malchisky12192 (25 Feb 2010)
@6 @7 Makes sense.
@10 To your second point, I concur. If you can select the fields on the form, then yes--that is useful.
12) Pierre Frappé80 (13 Apr 2010)
You can see at { Link }
13) Jerry Shelley350 (08 Jun 2011)
I'm doing a data migration to SQL, so I'm having to create flat views with most, if not all, fields from a Form many times over, so this functionality is a must-have.


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