Option "do not search in CreatedBy field" in Contacts (for example) 
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: Harald-RenÚ Flasch480 22 Feb 2011
: / Email
I am not sure if it is a bug or not ...
I am also syncing my Contacts using Traveler. I created a list of my contacts by myself.
I also have a sister with the same lastname ... If I like to search for the lastname of my sister I get all(!) contacts since the search seems also to search in the CreatedBy field. Since I created the contacts and I have the same lastname as my sister always all contacts are found.
Also there is pain if searching for the firstname! Also having contacts which have the same firstname as I have (my firstname is Harald). If I like to search for all Haralds in my contacts I also always getting all contacts ...

1) David Hablewitz15116 (22 Feb 2011)
Did you try the "Fill out example form" button?
Expand the full text search options (click on More on the right side of the search bar) then click the button and put the name in the appropriate field and click search.
2) Harald-RenÚ Flasch480 (22 Feb 2011)
Thank you for your response. I tried it but only get "query not understandable" message.

If I search the "by author" field with "harald" than all(!) contacts are found (which indicates that Notes really searches the "by author" field - which not makes sense in my view - except you have an administrator ^^). But if I search for "hara" nothing will be found ^^ (which indicates that the entire value of the field is searched) - even full-text is enabled ...

Btw, if I use iNotes and searching for contacts I get the same behavior!

Usability: If I enter "harald" in the "Search for" field in contacts I'd like to find contacts with name "harald" and I don like to find all(!) contacts. If I enter "administrator" in the "Search for" field I only like to find contacts with name administrator or even job title administrator etc. but it makes no sense to search also the "by author" (or CreatedBy or whatever you like to call it) field ^^ ...
3) David Hablewitz15116 (22 Feb 2011)
I got the same "query not understandable" just now too. But if I do it in a journal database, it works fine. Possibly a bug specific to the 8.5 mail template. I don't expect that feature gets a lot of use or testing. If you have passport advantage, I would call them on it.
4) Harald-RenÚ Flasch480 (22 Feb 2011)
"Possibly a bug specific to the 8.5 mail template": I am afraid you're correct ;-)

Btw, using 8.5.2 at the moment.

Thank you for the "Passport Advantage" hint.
5) Bas van Gestel2994 (23 Feb 2011)
The full text search is very powerful, but simply not user-friendly.

Advanced search options should be implemented for searching for mail, calendar entries and contacts.
6) Bruce Lill10666 (09 Mar 2011)
If they allow the designer to flag which fields actually got index it would prevent this problem and reduce the FT size.

I used to build search forms for customers when they were heavy notes users. but now you would have to also do XPage version.


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