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: Alex Kassabov1327 10 Feb 2009
: / Email
Let's add some intelligence to attachment processing.  The way Notes handles attachments hasn't changed in 20 years.  It might have been ahead of its time back then, but it needs updating now. 
When double-clicking an attachment, the client should automatically either open or edit the attachment based on the state of the document I'm viewing.  If the document is in Read mode, just open the attachment.  If the document is in Edit mode -- Edit the attachment.  When I click on Save in the application that opened the attachment, save it right back to the Notes document.
The 'View' option, im my opinion, is no longer relevant.  File viewers inside of Notes are out of date and don't handle document formatting appropriately. 
Leave the Save option on the right-click menu.

1) Gavin Bollard1648 (10 Feb 2009)
I disagree. I use the view functionality constantly. It's faster to view attachments than it is to launch them and - amusingly, I've gotten quite a few "wins" from Lotus out of this - when MS Office can't handle attachments which Notes can view.

I'd like to see an "automatic attachment view" preference that can be enabled.
2) Larry C569 (11 Feb 2009)
I too value the viewers. In fact, I would like to see them improved. As an example, (ahem), look to how Outlook 2007 does quick, inline previewing with full fidelity. It's significantly better than how the Notes previewers work.
3) Vitor Pereira4271 (11 Feb 2009)
I promoted the idea of adding some intelligence to attachment processing but not necessarily by removing the view option. This needs some discussion.
4) Oliver Regelmann6412 (18 Feb 2009)
I'd rather open the viewer on doubleclick. Then the viewer could display a button to edit/open the attachment.
5) Christopher Boote10606 (16 Sep 2009)
@4 now that is a smart suggestion - as long as we have CTRL-click to open as well


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