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Lotus Notes and Me: Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes 
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: LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: Productivity, PersonalKM, GTD
: Eric Mack582 08 Sep 2008
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PROPOSAL #1 - If you like the idea, please cast your vote!
9/26/2008: Updated description
Best Practices Session:
Session Title: 
Lotus Notes and Me: Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes
Speaker #1 Eric Mack, eProductivity Specialist & Founder, ICA.COM, Inc.
Speaker #2 David Allen, Chairman & Founder, The David Allen Company *
Session Abstract: People often talk about Lotus Notes being an "organizational" productivity tool; that‘s the way Notes is marketed and it‘s often the way organizations deploy it – as a top down solution. Seldom do you hear about Lotus Notes being used for "personal" productivity or knowledge management. As a consequence many users see Notes as a “company” tool and not “their” tool. When tools become “personal,” productivity increases and when personal productivity increases so does the productivity of the workgroup and the organization. This session will show both expert and novice Notes users how they can use Notes coupled with proven best practices to make them immediately more productive.
Why I think it is important that this session be included on this year‘s agenda:
We believe that to truly transform an organization, a bottom-up approach works best. Lotusphere has traditionally focused on developers, admins, and organizations. We are sick of hearing folks complain about why they “hate Lotus Notes” especially when we know that most of their complaints, while valid, are easily addressed with some training and a simple change of focus in how Notes is used. We hope to help organizations get more from their Notes investment by helping them change the way that their users see and use Lotus Notes. A focus on user productivity will round out the Lotusphere agenda, helping developer, administrator and enterprise managers alike get the most from their Notes deployment. 
See also:
* I've invited my client, David Allen, to co-present with me. He's agreed in principle; his participation is pending confirmation of dates and a few small details. I'm honored to have David as a co-presenter and I know that he will add great value to the presentation.
* The original IdeaJam proposal from September 8, 2008 follows *
Here's my proposed LS09 BP topic: Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes - Maximizing Personal Productivity. This session will focus on the best practices of using Lotus Notes productively.
With David Allen's recent comments about Lotus Notes at the Office 2.0 Conference, I've decided to revisit this topic for 2009. Millions of extremely smart people are using Lotus Notes productively every day. This session would look at some of the best practices of information and knowledge organization as well as how to effectively manage projects and actions with Lotus Notes.
Last year, I proposed a session on Maximizing Personal productivity with Lotus Notes, but with so many excellent developer and admin tracks last year, this topic was considered outside of the scope of interest for Lotusphere, which has historically been more administrator and developer oriented. Still, it seems to me that even developers and admins (and the people they serve) need to be productive.
Again, I'm not sure if Lotusphere is the proper venue for a session that is not specifically focused on admin/dev topics. If there are enough votes to make this interesting, I'll rework my proposal and maybe even talk to David Allen to see if he'd want to co-present this with me. Right now, I'm curious to see if there's sufficient interest to warrant further development of this session topic for Lotusphere 2009.
Cast your vote now and we'll soon find out!
Note: This session, if approved, would focus on best practices for using Lotus Notes that do not require any third party applications. The goal is to present best practices that can be applied right away with any version of Lotus notes. I would plan to mention some of the add-on tools that people are using to increase their productivity with Notes (.e.g. OpenNTF Mail Experience or eProductivity) but the primary focus will be to show people how to get more done with what the version of Notes that they already have installed on their computer.


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