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Better rendering when pasting in web content 
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: J Franchetti750 18 Jan 2008
: / Email
Make Pasting Smarter
I often compose email messages that need to include content from a web page.  A simple cut/paste into a Notes email often results in an ugly email.  I find myself trying to use "Paste Special", trying various formats, and then cleaning it up.
There are several similar "ideas" here that relate to this topic, for example:  Notes needs to render HTML emails better; Add Paste-Special to the right click menu.
Most apps dont have Paste-Special as a right-click choice, as this level of formatting is usually only done by power users.  However, I believe some backend logic in Notes could make a simple cut/paste smarter.  If the content is from the web, render the paste as clean HTML.  If it is from Excel, do it another way.  I am over simplifying, though I would love to have to fiddle around less to make things "beautiful".  One last note, pasting web content into an Outlook message looks much better.

1) Paul Davies12381 (21 Jan 2008)
Pasting an Excel selction as a bitmap is truly bizarre. It should paste as rich text/html by default.
2) Patrick Kwinten22018 (29 May 2008)
This would be a real life saver!

Nowadays I paste content from the web first in MS Word and from that in Notes. There seems to be no other way for it.

This makes really SUCK for end-users!
3) Robert Jones15 (13 Aug 2008)
I wonder whether a heuristic approach might be appropriate here. One of the most annoying things I find is that when I copy a short phrase or perhaps a code of some sort from a web page, then paste it into an e-mail it first takes an absolute age, then renders it with a bunch of completely inappropriate formatting which is hard to remove. I then have to delete it and use Paste-special to get the plain text.

My gut feeling is that if the total word count of the content to be pasted is less than say 5 then it's much more likely that the user wants the text to be formatted like the rest of the email being typed! They could always use Paste-special to retain the formatting if that's really what's wanted.


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