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: Don McNally1424 27 Nov 2007
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Aliases in fields are a nice way to use short values in place of longer strings, and they work well in forms.  You can store a value of "H" and have it display "High" when the document opens.  However, they are not so nice when you want to use the field in a view, for categorization as an example.
My idea is to have a @AliasLookup function that could be used to read the field definition on a form and get the full value defined for the alias.  By providing the field name and form name (eg. @AliasLookup(fieldName;"FormName"), the function would go to the form, find the provided field on it and return the non-alias value.
This would be primarily (and maybe exclusively) useful in view columns, so it might be possible to provide only the field name and have the @function read the Form from the document as it processes the view.
EDIT: Added link to related idea (forgot to search first!).  This idea is slightly different in that it proposes using the form design.

1) Theo Heselmans9557 (27 Nov 2007)
Asked before by Hynek Kobelka. Please check your ideas first by searching.
'Alias' would have done it.
2) Thomas Bahn4937 (27 Nov 2007)
This would be a real performance killer! That column formula can't access anything outside the current document is exactly for this reason. Opening a note is a quite expensive operation - expensive in this context means resource and time intensive.

What about multi-lingual databases? Which form should be used for the lookup when there is more than one form?

Personally, I nearly never use constant options, but keyword documents, which can be modified by (some) users. @AliasLookup could only be used for contant option lists.
3) Don McNally1424 (27 Nov 2007)
I was thinking out of the box a little. If the Lotus programmers gave it some thought, it might not be a performance killer. For example, the design note could be cached for faster lookups.

Sorry, I have no experience with multi-lingual databases. How are view columns like this handled now? With keyword documents that can differ by language or be translated?

If the form was a parameter, the function would know which form to use. If you had two forms with the same name (one for Notes, one for Web), it could make the determination based on the client that was calling it.

Seems like if one used keyword documents, there would be no need for the function: use @DbLookup instead. But I could be wrong.


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