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: Hynek Kobelka7940 09 Oct 2008
: / Email
I would suggest that the complete mail functionality of the Notes-client would be separated into a Notes-Mail-Client only. All other parts would remain as a separare "Notes-Application-Client".

The advantages would be:
- the mail client UI could be done much simpler as it would get rid of so many menu items, settings
- the naming of items could be done specific for a mail-client so that users could use it without any training
- the mail client would be more light-weigth as it would no need to load many functions
- it would run in a separate thread and not block the application client
Other ideas:
- optionally it could be that both clients could be docked/merged like in the current client for users who want it that way
- the mail-client (as an POP/IMAP client)could be released for free for private use (as IBM does not have any private users as customers
- it might make Notes easier to sell to customers who have Exchange, because you could tell them to use the "Notes-Application-Client" only. 

PS: I know that this would be a radical redesign of the UI and it is unlikely to happen soon (if ever)

1) Dan King2709 (09 Oct 2008)
Completely agree. Was thinking the same when reading Paul Mooney and Ed Brill's blogs which have been discussing this sort of thing

I think you do need the ability for them to be merged, but most users just want to get their mail as quickly as possible in the morning. If they need apps they'll open them another time.

A question though - how could this work for PAs? Those people that need multiple mail and calendars open at the same time? Do they just use the full client, or is the mail client a multi-tab client as well that can only open mail type applications?
2) Vitor Pereira4271 (09 Oct 2008)
Emphasis on 'released for free for private use'
3) Rob Goudvis8695 (10 Oct 2008)
I disagree, because I do not think that Notes is a very good mail-application.

If you were to go for a mail-solution only, I would never recommend Notes. If you want to have groupware and do more with your software than exchanging messages, I would advice to go for Notes.

I understand that you would choose for Notes, when it comes as a free-to-use mail-client with the intention that in the future users want to have more functionality.

So, do not misunderstand me: I am 100% pro Notes, but not for a simple mail-client.
4) Nigel Choh16 (10 Oct 2008)
UI is sooo important. Very often, users just prefer Outlook because they are used to it. By making a Mail-only, we grab mindshare in the email space.

When new staff join the company and start to use the Notes client for email, they aren't overloaded with new thinks to learn about the email client. In fact, if the mail-only client could become pervasive enough, then the opposite might become true. "Outlook sucks! I so like the Notes email that I use at home".

5) Dwight Wilbanks121 (10 Oct 2008)
I'll give you one better. If it was allowed to act like the help databases, that open in a new window, that window could be a different type of window, with different menu items.

I'd hate to see people with the notes only get a client that they love, then force them to use the client for an application and have to get ride of it in favor of the the mail/app client.
6) daniele grillo788 (13 Oct 2008)
For most companies that use notes only for email...and for kill Microsoft and other competitor...this is a valid idea.
7) Kerr Rainey4990 (22 Oct 2008)
I'd love to see a simple mail client that could be bundled as part of symphony. As part of the Symphony suite, Symphony Mail would be a simple pop / imap / smtp client that is a bottom rung simple mail client with the Lotus name that rounds out the suite.
8) chuck dean433 (21 Dec 2008)
I agree with the idea of a simple mail client bundled with Symphony. Provide POP/IMAP support, iCal and Google Calendar support, vCard support for contacts, RSS feed reader. Distribute a version free for personal use - with an ad widget in the sidebar and offer a low cost upgrade that disables the ad widget but allows for a larger number of sidebar widgets - maybe even an IM client.
9) Oliver Regelmann6412 (05 Jan 2009)
I'd vote for this if it included PIM data like calendar and tasks. But not strictly mail only, there are too much clients for that already.
10) Anders Åslund230 (28 Apr 2011)
It would be better if I could use Thunderbird to connect to domino server and get both mail and calendar, that would solve the issue for me.


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