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Allow to specify a maximum size for email archives 
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: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: size, administration
: Jos Janssen1463 27 Dec 2011
: / Email
In order to allow users to save email archives to CD/DVD there should be an option to specify the maximum size for archives. 

1) Gregg Eldred5345 (27 Dec 2011)
I understand why you want this, however I struggle with deciding how this would be implemented. Automcatically spin off a new archive when the limit has been reached? How would this update the users' Archive Settings so that it is pointing at the correct one?

If the users want to have an archive that fits on a CD/DVD, then that is just one more point for training them in proper e-mail maintenance.
2) Jos Janssen1463 (28 Dec 2011)
Thanks for your feedback Gregg.
I was thinking that Notes would display a message stating the specified maximum archive size has been reached. The users would then edit the archive settings or move the archive off-line.
3) Jos Janssen1463 (28 Dec 2011)
4) Jos Janssen1463 (28 Dec 2011)
{Comment Deleted By Jos Janssen on 27-Dec-2011 23:43}
5) Peter Neidhart689 (30 Dec 2011)
In my experience the common user is just too ignorant to edit any settings or move archives
6) Bill Malchisky9254 (30 Dec 2011)
Although not for most users per se, just use 'split' in Linux / Cygwin if you have a Windows machine. It will breakup the archive file into whatever size chunks you want and auto-number them too. When you want to joint the pieces later, it will do that for you as well. Great little tool. Makes burning large files to any size disc simplistic. { Link }
7) Brian Graham433 (05 Jan 2012)
Since you can't archive from an archive (ie. to split it into multiple archives, perhaps by year or folders), I don't see where this could be implemented. Granted, I understand the desire to keep the archive small such that you could back it up, perhaps to a 4GB DVD, but until IBM reinstates the ability to archive from an archive, I don't even see how you could limit the database size.


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