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: Notes Client / Mail
: mail, deletion
: Oliver Regelmann6412 19 Mar 2010
: / Email
When a mail is opened for reading and the user deletes it via the DEL key or the button, the next message in his Inbox gets opened. This raises some issues:
- he might sent a return receipt he didn't want to (yet)
- confidential information could be displayed in a moment when it shouldn't
Instead he should be brought back to the Inbox / the folder from where he opened that mail.

1) Vlad Sh10679 (19 Mar 2010)
"Instead he should be brought back to the ... Folder from where he opened that mail"
2) Peter von Stöckel5721 (19 Mar 2010)
"deletes it via the ESC key"? I assume you mean the Del key. I wholeheartedly agree.
3) Oliver Regelmann6412 (19 Mar 2010)
Yes, the DEL key of course.
4) Michael Tassati5289 (19 Mar 2010)
Great! But it should also be possible to work as it is now
5) Bruce Lill10666 (21 Mar 2010)
#4 I would agree, I have a mobile client that takes me back to the view and it sucks. If Return receipts are the issues then create an idea for "ask for confirmation first". I have modified my template to do that.
6) Craig Wiseman24988 (26 Mar 2010)
I have many users who use this behaviour, and find it useful.

(I know because at one point in the early 8.x code stream, it would lock Notes if you delteed more than a few email this way, so I was able to 'discover' the users who do that.)

So I'd have to vote no....

@5 BTW, there is an idea for "ask for confirmation" before sending a RR: { Link }
7) David Hablewitz15116 (26 Mar 2010)
I thought this was already posted long ago. I know I created an SPR for it years ago and also requested it in person at Lotusphere. If I recall, that's the way Notes once worked (or was that ccMail?)

Yes, there are many reasons to NOT open the next message just because the current one is deleted. Yes, advancing to the next message without having to hit enter from the inbox is a minor convenience. Fine.

Make it an option.
Vote yes.
8) Christopher Boote10606 (22 Feb 2013)
Outlook (spit) has an option for users to decide what to do after a reply and after a delete
Notes should have the same


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