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: Bill Whittakers1900 22 Sep 2007
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Add a separate dialog to display and enter hide-when formulas to improve visibility and access in designer; and/or add shading to indicate where hide formulas exist, as is done with pass-thru HTML.

1) Elijah Lapson668 (25 Sep 2007)
I agree completely. Some type of indicator, maybe have field borders change color.
2) Randy Smith3794 (03 Oct 2007)
Agreed. It can be a very cumbersome process to check hide-when formulas in a large table, for example. It takes several clicks just to get to the hide-when formula window. A visual clue would at least make you instantly aware of which table cells have hide-when formulas. Hover text for this visual clue, exposing the hide-when formula, could also be helpful.
3) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (16 Oct 2007)
I built a demo doing just this with the highlight color, and it was very effective. I had to use our Midas Rich Text LSX to do it, so it wasn't extensible to everybody, but the concept worked well.
4) Joe Litton173 (31 Oct 2007)
Yes, a visual indicator that a hide formula is enabled, AND then hover text to show at least part of the hide formula would be very useful.
5) David Camara1093 (07 Nov 2007)
great idea, field borders may not be enough as it could be text only that's hidden. I think a combination of background colour and paragraph border (eg pink background and dashed red border) would work best.
6) Ian Turner22 (13 Nov 2007)
Some kind of highlight to show elements have hide-whens applied would eb excellent and make my life easier when trying to maintain others Dbs.
7) Tom McArthur1246 (16 Nov 2007)
great idea - any visual clue could get annoying when you're not actively working with h/w, so what about a designer menu option to toggle the visual clue on and off?
8) Patrick Read43 (28 Nov 2007)
excellent idea - maybe even a designer setting to make hide-when input a "show-when" instead?
9) Randy Smith3794 (28 Nov 2007)
@8 - I believe that in a Lotusphere 2007 session (maybe in the developers lab), Maureen Leland alluded to something like this as a possible enhancement in the next release of Domino Designer (8.5?), which will be Eclipse-based. Instead of "hide/when formulas", they were being referred to as "visibility formulas".
10) Ron Kats1246 (01 Dec 2007)
To show/indicate hide when formulas (or visibility formulas) is great... !!
11) Guang Jiang19 (04 Dec 2007)
great idea - but I guess Domino Designer will add this new feature at 2010.
12) Thomas Kennedy95 (04 Dec 2007)
Not crazy about this idea. All the forms I work with are larded up with hide-when formulas; I don't need or want a reminder that they are there.
13) Rob Porter837 (15 Aug 2008)
To avoid conflicting with Pass Thru HTML background shading, perhaps a small indicator in the margin to show that a "hide when" formula has been applied to a paragraph would be best. The indicator could be a different colour depending on the type of "hide when" formula. For example:

* blue if one or more of the "hide when reading" checkboxes is selected
* yellow if one or more of the "hide when editing" checkboxes is selected
* red if one of the "hide paragraph from Notes/web browsers/Mobiles" checkboxes is selected
* green if it has a "hide when formula"
* black if various combinations of the above has been selected.
14) Starrow Pan5103 (22 Sep 2009)
Just found this popular idea before I wanted to post a similar one.
It just voices out what developers want.

A visual indicator before any paragraph or table cell with hide information.
Distinct indicators for:
Hide paragraph from
Hide paragraph when document is
Hide paragraph if formula is true
15) Bas van Gestel2994 (16 Jun 2010)
Why not make it a toggle? Hide-when highlighting on/off.
It would also be great to identify inconsistencies, so for each unique hide (or show) condition have a different color highlighting the paragraph.


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