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: John Cawrey948 26 Jan 2008
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I think it would be useful to know how many people suffer from the same/similar bugs. For example, in ND8, after I have pressed Ctrl+Break, I occasionally find that breaks everything...whenever i try to open anything after that e.g. an email or another '[database]application' I get a 'Operation stopped at your request' message.

OK, its useful to be able to go the ND7/8 forums and blogs and search and find other people with similar problems, but you dont get a feeling of how many people have the same issue.

BugJam would allow people to promote up the Known Bugs and help IBM perhaps gauge what needs to be fixed first. Maybe some sort of Ranking and Rating/two tier voting to give it a score e.g. a frequency of occurence and and a disruption rating for them. People voting frequency of 0 would be logged but of course not affect the scoring.

BugJam - improvement through community ??


1) Jasper Duizendstra34 (28 Jan 2008)
This would be one I would like to see high in that list:

Although the Form property "Merge Replication Conflicts" is enabled, and the Form contains a $ConflictAction field, a replication conflict occurs when modifications are made to different fields in a database.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a Form that contains two fields.
2. Enable the Form property, "Merge Replication Conflicts".
3. Create a document based on the new Form.
4. Create a replica of the database.
5. Modify one field in one replica and the other field in the other replica.
6. When replication occurs, no conflict is generated and the later modified document is what is replicated to all other servers. The modifications made in other replicas documents are lost.

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# JRED7AWML6. There is currently no known workaround.
2) Hendrik Jan van Meerveld812 (29 Oct 2009)
Jasper, I would promote your bug and give it the highest disruption rating. Merge/No Conflicts is not working either.
3) Matt White13605 (29 Oct 2009)
You may want to try this on IQJam: { Link }
4) Mike Woolsey4870 (24 Jan 2015)
& yes, I get this bug a lot.

Other bugs:
Launch notes 8.5 & immediately try to copy a database without first opening one. Result:crash. Thankfully this stopped w 9.0
Swap between Designer using editor & Notes using view. After awhile, the Notes client stops diaplaying the db specific actions menu. Happens frequently during the day.


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