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Copy or "archive" documents into another database when deleted from the Domino Directory 
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: Domino Administrator / Directory
: directory, delete, user_deletion
: David Hablewitz15237 24 Feb 2009
: / Email
Every company I have worked at has maintained a database to store a copy of all documents deleted from the Domino Directory.  This provides a great way of seeing when documents were deleted and who did it and a very efficient way to recover those documents if needed.  But copying those documents before deleting them is a manual process, though in one case the directory was even customized so that clicking the delete action button did this automatically.  I would like to see this as an integral part of the directory.  Another way to view this is as if it is archiving documents from the directory (like messages are archived from a mail file).

1) Rishi Sahi1682 (25 Feb 2009)
David, It can be easily achieved using Lotus Script. Just a rough logic, Create blank copy of your Domino directory as archive. Add custom delete button in your directory which removed and move the documents in archive directory. There keep restore button which will move selected documents into your original directory. Same was as Recycle bin works.
2) David Hablewitz15237 (25 Feb 2009)
You are absolutely right. And we did that at one company in which I worked. The point is that this is a feature that everyone could benefit from and therefore worth getting added into the product as a standard feature.
3) Brian Steele55 (27 Feb 2009)
Then again, if you're going to do it for the DD, you should consider making that functionality available in ANY Notes Db. I know of several apps at our company that are auditable, and having the ability to configure a db to automagically archive any deleted docs would be useful.
4) Eric Wilson1606 (27 Feb 2009)
Yes! The deletion process should include a way to define an "archive" DB, just as we do manually. This has several benefits, including the ability to write code that processes user departures without having to guess and the ability to restore a deleted user when they return to the company.

i agree with the idea that this might be useful for many applications as a built-in process. But it's really important for the Domino Directory.

I can see the need to move user mail and roaming DBs to an archive when a user leaves and this makes it easy for us to write that.
5) Patrick Polette113 (18 Jan 2010)
if it could also retain the UNID of the docs, that would be great.


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