@IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript/Java equivalents 
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: Ben Langhinrichs7382 05 Dec 2007
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Even having a rough way to do this in Midas, I would really like to see a simple @formula (and matching LotusScript) method for determining if there was anything in the rich text.  Even better would be if it took an argument that specified whether whitespace was included, so you could have
@If (@IsRichTextEmpty("Body"); ...)
@If (@IsRichTextEmpty("Body"; [IgnoreWhitespace] ); ...)
The method should be smart enough to realize that just because a paragraph or color is added, the rich text is still functionally blank, and if the IgnoreWhitespace were added, even newlines and spaces would be ignored.
This is requested frequently on the forums for validation formulas as well as other uses.

1) Slawek Rogulski9372 (05 Dec 2007)
Thats would certainly make life easier and make some things possible in the first place. I would also like to have the parameter to check if empty ignoring any non-text content such as
@IsRichTextEmpty ("Body"; [IgnoreBinaryContent] ; ...)
Binary content would be images, attachments, doc links, etc
2) Kerr Rainey4990 (06 Dec 2007)
I'll assume "and LotusScript equivalent" includes a general extension to the API that would also be available in Java.
3) Paul Davies13558 (06 Dec 2007)
agreed - having to calculate/store an abstract just to do this is cumbersome
4) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (06 Dec 2007)
Absolutely, there should be an equivalent in Java. Sorry to overlook it.
5) Peter Herrmann120 (06 Dec 2007)
I voted for this but I do have a crappy workaround that I use for validation in the notes client UI. Snippet below - of course you need an error handler as well.

Call uidoc.GotoField(rtfield)
Call uidoc.SelectAll
'The next line will generate a 4407 error message if the Rich Text Field is null
Call uidoc.DeselectAll
6) Alois Gruber1713 (28 Dec 2007)
what about @RichTextSize("Body";[IgnoreBinaryContent]: other options) instead, that returns 0 when its empty. This way it would additionally allow for size control, e.g. in mails


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