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: devi das331 22 Nov 2007
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Use Automization objects in lotus script .....  open a excel file and move data from notes to excel and draw a chart with values which are passed from notes ....Copy the chart area of excel and past in ritch text field of our form in notes and  Close the excel object......[ taking help of macros to generate the code of chart & etc.. ]  the he idea is  ....hide the excel from user always [ Visivle = False ]....don't show [don't expose ] excel to the user and open excel in background ... then user feels that this is going on in lotus ....this is acting like feature available in           lotus notes...........virtual reality takes place here

1) Mark Barton202 (22 Nov 2007)
Hi Devi,

You don't have to use just Excel to get Graphs within Notes - though its certainly possible. I have successfully driven all sorts of charts both in the Notes Client and on the web. In fact ideajam is soon to get some Graphs I helped to implement.

2) devi das331 (22 Nov 2007)
intresting .........please tell me the procedure ....
3) Kerr Rainey4990 (23 Nov 2007)
Having build in charting features in Notes / Domino would be good, but I see no reason why it should involve Excel in any way shape or form.

+1 for build in charting.
-1 for the proposed method.
4) Martin Vereecken1895 (24 Nov 2007)

I saw the screenshots from the charts IdeaJam is going to use, and I believe they use FusionCharts. Some weeks ago I wrote an article on how-to about this tool: see { Link }
5) devi das331 (24 Nov 2007)
Hi Martin ...

interesting .....but ..your using third party tool to generate the charts from lotus note....
but my idea is to generate from lotus notes using excel which come with operating system and that too using virtually ..............
i am awaiting for your reply and comments ........please guide me .....thanks

6) devi das331 (24 Nov 2007)
Hi Kerr Rainey

the reason is .............we can not generate directly from notes and ..thats why i took
help of excel which comes with OS .....and i can not take third party tool
for charts which i have to take license ..which is costly ........and at the same time
i have to generate ..transparently & look and feel should be in lotus notes..

please guid me .....awating for ur reply ...thanks .....

Devi das

7) Kerr Rainey4990 (26 Nov 2007)
@6, Devi,

But you are proposing a new feature for notes / domino. That's all you need to do. If IBM provide a built in charting facility, why would you need Excel. For example, maybe IBM could take the charting code from the built in productivity tools.

"thats why i took help of excel which comes with OS"

Excel does not come with the OS. You have to pay extra for it. It may be one of the pieces of software that you have as standard in your organisation, but that's not everyone.

There are also opensource charting libs that you can use for free right now, without having to bind yourself to Excel.


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