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Improve the XPages extension library 
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: Starrow Pan4716 18 Mar 2013
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They are far more inferior than the standard controls in quality, documentation, ease of use etc. Some controls like the dialog are very useful, some look functionlly duplicated e.g. Dynamic content & Switch and SOME HARDLY WORKS, e.g. Form table, Form layout row & column. They are barely accectable when using OneUI theme and otherwise render stupid HTML and thus appearance which can hardly be adjusted at the design time. They are really some custom controls created for the specific demo applications i.e. xpages teamroom and not of the high quality needed for universal contros. IBM seems to be saying, Hey, there are a lot of stuff here you can pick up and test and see if they are useful. It has limited resources in XPages and now puts them to the new social business version development.

1) Dan King2533 (18 Mar 2013)
Is the extension library not an openntf project? Or do you mean Upgrade Pack 1?
2) David Leedy624 (18 Mar 2013)
We can always get improvements to extension library - especially mobile controls could be updated and more fleshed out. But we use Form Table and Form Row a lot and not had any problems with it.
3) Starrow Pan4716 (20 Mar 2013)
@Dan, If it's still an open source project, the state need not be the same as the standard controls. But IBM has included it in Upgrade Package 1 and furthermore in Notes 9 and commits to support it. They should refine the controls and docs before doing that in a rush.
4) Starrow Pan4716 (20 Mar 2013)
@David, The Form table and row look normal with OneUI theme, but with the standard theme, they look stupid and more important is you cannot amend them by setting their properties e.g. css, because the emitted HTML is not decent. For example, the width of the outer table is controlled by a lotus*** class but setting the control's property only modifies a container in which the table stays. Other examples are List of links and Inline list container, they all rely on OneUI to show the list in line and without discs. Maybe they should be renamed to Inline list container with OneUI.
5) Mike Woolsey5040 (01 Feb 2015)
I'm still baffled by many of the components.

More documentation would be a big plus to some of 'em. One nice "Hello World" demonstrating each piece, describing diagnostics of common problems would help too.

Hey, and did they ever get the view control to do both alternate sorts properly? It used to be, the second alternate sort wouldn't sort properly. I hope that's resolved in later releases.
6) Starrow Pan4716 (02 Feb 2015)
@Mike, Although the extended library has been added to Domino as a supported feature, I see little endeavor from IBM to polish this toolbox. On the other side the community drive to improve it is not big enough and renders few progress in documentation.
7) Mike Woolsey5040 (12 Feb 2015)
Then the community could stand to set that bar a bit higher.

If it's straightforward, then anyone could write the "Hello World" example.

If it's not straightforward, then it's no big deal to delay release 'til the documentation is ready to make people a success.

T'me that seems to be an issue: Notes & Domino have always been places that make people a success -- initially, in reasonable time, and over the long term. The Domino "learning curve" is mostly a series of successes, not failures.

The features that didn't do this, are mostly mothballed.


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