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Out of Office Corporate Calendar 
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: Rick MacGuigan323 28 Nov 2007
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Give Notes calendar users the option to mark calendar entries as also being Out of Office (OOO.) Then post an entry into a central OOO calendar (Native and Web.)  I have run into several organizations that labor over creating a seperate Notes database that simply shows (manually entered) OOO entries along with multiple views (OOO by Date, by person, by department,....
The group calendar was an "almost" but missed the mark on this need entirely. Should be a snap for Lotus calendar connector guru's. 
This would also help organizations pull users into using a single calendar . Yes, paper based day-timers are still used.

1) Thomas Bahn3674 (28 Nov 2007)
Group calendars are a typical 3rd party product for Notes/Domino. Is there one on OpenNTF?

The problem I see with a corporate-wide (or Domain-wide) calendar is its scalability. Would really big companies (IBM, Daimler, ...) could have ONE common calendar.
And for which time-frame?

I would propose an approach with a template for group calendars with some kind of Domino add-in task for a performance boost. This way, the customer could decide, which group calendars he needs: company-level, department-level, team-level, all or only certain groups... And with individual time-frames for each calendar...
2) Ulrich Krause4897 (28 Nov 2007)
>> Is there one on OpenNTF?

No, I'm afraid. But perhaps we could start a new project. I already have it on my schedule but I'm too lazy to start with the project :-)
3) Bruce Currier5056 (28 Nov 2007)
I already use the Team Mailbox on OpenNTF and would love to see a similiar app for calendars.
4) Rick MacGuigan323 (28 Nov 2007)
Glad to see an interest. I had been in / out of openNTF over the years and this is not there . I inherited one one these OOO corp calendars (wriiten in 5) and it remains a very high touch app. Unfortunately, users make manual entries in the OOO app, possibly make a Notes calendar entry, and possibly enable the OOO Notes agent. Three entry points for declaring you are out of the office.

Scalability - I don't see this as a problem in Notes anymore. You probably want to manage aged content or break up seperate business unit OOO's under one roof via a secure outline.

I would rather see this as an embedded function on the server (via calendar connector) to stay out of security issues.

Group calendars, No. This is a totally different requirement.

3rd party apps - this should be a built in OEM feature to encourage market share.

Just an idea. PS - we are in a 6.5.4. environ. I would want this OOO to be a plug-in service for back level versions (please.)


5) Henry Ferlauto3847 (28 Nov 2007)
Good idea Rick. This idea is why I am still surprised that IBM has never tried to acquire Logic Springs, the makers of Department Calendar. It can aggregate all sorts of entries, not just OOO. Fabulous product. Extremely affordable. { Link }
6) Gavin Bollard1561 (28 Nov 2007)
Funnily enough, we're in the middle of commissioning work like this. Since we're an "external committees" based organisation, we want to be able to display certain meeting dates and times on our extranet as well.


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