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Attach file without being in the body field 
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: Notes Client / Mail
: attachment
: Odd …ge Skogheim819 03 Mar 2009
: / Email
If cursor is in the to/cc/bcc field and you want to add an attachment, you get an error saying you have to click the body of the message to add an attachment.
This error is quite annoying, and unnecessary.
Why not just move the cursor to the beginning of the body field, and open the create attachment dialog.
No errors and happy users

1) Rishi Sahi1682 (04 Mar 2009)
I would promote because I think it can be be done , at least "Attachment icon" can be disabled if cursor is in any text field. Simple validation though :P
2) Larry Helwig1720 (04 Mar 2009)
This needs more thought before proceeding. Mail is not the only place attachments are used. What if there is no Body field or there are multiple RichText fields? Where does the cursor (and attachment) go?
3) Paul Davies12381 (04 Mar 2009)
The Attach icon should be disabled if the cursor is not in a rich text field.

For a specific application, such as Mail, then a custom attach button should form part of a toolset above the rich text field. It should always be available (in edit mode) and when clicked, move the cursor to the rich text field (if it is already).

Or even better, move attachments to a seperate field altogether in the mail memo (as has been suggested elsewhere)

I have voted for this idea nonetheless as I feel an improvement could be made regardless.
4) Larry C518 (04 Mar 2009)
Agreed. At a minimum, if the cursor is not in a rich text field, the attach icon should be disable. I like @3's suggestions.

re @2, I hear what you are saying, but specifically for mail it would be worth coding some special cases so that if the cursor was in a to/cc/subject field, you could still click 'attach' and create an attachment . This is how it works in every other email client I am aware of, and this is the behavior that users expect.
5) Alex Hernandez11 (27 Mar 2009)
In my opinion, I think that the process of adding a file attachment should be a separated functionality.

I we take a look at any mail client you can add and remove file attachments separately from the mail metadata and even body (think, gMail, Eudora, Outlook, etc)

6) Keith Collyer590 (14 Mar 2010)
In any other mail client I use, if you drag a file onto the message window, it is attached, regardless of where you drop it. Notes should be able to do that. If you drop it anywhere other than the message body, it should go in the default location (whatever that might be)


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