notes.ini variabel to exclude internal NotesNames from Recent Contacts 
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: recent contacts, mail
: Jan Schulz4949 23 Jan 2010
: / Email
I would like a notes.ini parameter (so pushable by desktop policy) to not include internal adresses in recent contacts.
Currently recent contacts also collects internal NotesNames and this entries are outside of the AdminP renaming process. So you get strange errors/messages when a name is renamed and now twice in the adress lookup. This is the same problem as in another ideajam entry, but the fix is different.

1) Fred Husoy765 (23 Jan 2010)
I think there already exists a notes.ini for this, called DPABRemoveRule. This in combination with DPABRemoveRuleSetting=1 should make it possible to exclude internal names.

See Wiki for more information under the Recent Contacts Faq:
{ Link }
2) Jan Schulz4949 (23 Jan 2010)
Interesting read... Especialy as that seems to be the only webpage that mentions this settings :-/

Anyway, after reading it, I think this won't work because my groupnames have no common substring (groups are "group" not "group/domain") and even if, this substring might remove too much.
3) Oliver Regelmann6412 (25 Jan 2010)
I see the problem but I'd rather see a fix that updates local recent contacts when they originate from the Domino Directory.
Especially because IBM itself promotes adding those contacts to the PAB at various times, e.g. to have them available on Traveler devices.
4) Fred Husoy765 (18 Mar 2010)
The notes.ini setting does not fully solve the problem. I had a user at one of our customers that addressed a mail wrongly in the copy to field (used to spaces in the name). All receivers then got a wrong address in their recent contacts, that have made a lot of trouble to us because the address looks correct. Also this is not possible to solve with the above rule, since the policy document removes double spaces I enter in the address.

The recent contacts is a good function, but should be improved to make it easier to remove wrong addresses via policy and also update local contacts with those from the domino directory.
5) Johannes Madsen517 (04 Apr 2010)
Why make it a Notes.ini setting? It's easier if it could be se in the Contact profile document (where you presently can deselect recent contacts)
6) Dave Navarre402 (24 Feb 2012)
In Notes 8.5.3, you now have much more capability in Recent Contacts.

Fred's problem with the CC field can be avoided by choosing in the Contacs preferences to not add recipients in the CC field (or in the ini with DisableDPABCCProcessing=1) or it can be pumped up to only allow senders to be added to recent contacts (a choice in preferences or set in ini as DisableDPABCCandToProcessing=1).

My client site uses 8.5.2, so we can only get DisableDPABCCProcessing. I think that 852FP3 might allow the tighter restriction, but as our deployment is already underway, we won't be going there.


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