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: John Turnbow823 26 Mar 2010
: / Email
Would love to see an easier to use, modify (no one uses out of the box), setup, format, blog template based on Xpages. When I look at what is available on Wordpress, google, etc, that is the ease of setup and use I am looking for in a blog template.

1) Craig Wiseman21821 (26 Mar 2010)
Hmm. I don't really care what tech it's based on.

The current blog template is very feature rich, but hasn't been improved since it was first introduced.

It needs to be simplified and given more easy options.
2) Craig Wiseman21821 (26 Mar 2010)
I agree with the general point here, though, that some effort needs to be put into making it easier to work with (and more compatible with the blogging world in general).
3) Craig Wiseman21821 (26 Mar 2010)
The issue I have with using xPages here is that locks you in to using very specific flavors of Domino (8.5.1 xPages apps don't always work on even 8.5 servers).

An advantage of the current implementation is that it works on 7.0.2+, which gives it broad applicability.
4) Peter Presnell26659 (26 Mar 2010)
I am voting No on this one because I don't think the solution is to create yet another template but rather to enhance the existing one.
5) Bruce Lill6687 (26 Mar 2010)
I can see a new XPage type blog with new features such as themes, drop in widgets, etc.

I would see this one to continue on in openntf for users that are not on 8.5.1 and greater but to have a new one that is all XPages in the client also.

Upgrading to XPages is harder then just starting from scratch with additional requirements.
6) Patrick Kwinten22013 (26 Mar 2010)
instead of a new blog template I would suggest improve the existing template BUT provide a template to create small websites with
7) Gregg Eldred5345 (02 Apr 2010)
Like Peter, I am demoting this idea for the same reasons.
8) David Hablewitz15237 (16 Apr 2010)
I support the general idea of improving the blog template.


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