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: Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 09 Dec 2010
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Provide a free version of Domino to be used as a web application platform as described here.
Create a restricted version, or as someone called it "community version". Let's say unlimited anonymous access and 100 (250?) authenticated web users, but no mail, just applications. Any Notes users or mail users still need a Lotus Notes Collaboration Express client license.
Then promote Domino as the great web application platform it is, a RAD platform with strong security, built in database and much more. This would have the effect that more people would start using it. Together with the already free Domino Designer, IBM would have a powerful web application platform to offer as an alternative to existing free/open software.
Nobody will buy a product they never heard about, or one they heard about but never seen. By getting Domino out there, making the product visible, more companies and corporations would learn about it. In the long run, I think that would lead to more sales to small and medium sized businesses, as they start using mail and possibly the Notes client as well.

1) Henning Heinz260 (10 Dec 2010)
Not that I dislike your suggestion but this would make Utility Server (Express) completely useless as many Utility server probably don't run 100 (or more) concurrent authenticated Extranet browser users. Or do you mean registered names in an address book?
2) Peter Presnell28487 (10 Dec 2010)
Congratulations on taking the initiative and expressing this idea in a format in which members of the community can demonstrate their support (or not) for the idea in a way that is measurable. I will be interested to see how many members of the community actually make the effort to vote on this idea. I fear there are some who would rather just whine than role up their sleeves and do something.
3) Richard Moy364 (10 Dec 2010)
It does even have to be as high as 100 authenticated users. It could be 25 users if that would have IBM approve it. After 25 users, then customers could buy packs of 10 or 100 users up to the 1000 users license for the Domino Utility Express price. But IBM needs to get rid of the PVU license. You can even keep the clustering as an option, but DA is a must for the community edition.

Henning, I do not know why you say 100 users is completely useless?
4) Henning Heinz260 (10 Dec 2010)
Richard it is not completely useless but would make Utility Server (Express) an unneeded license. Hardly any SMB has more than 100 concurrent external authenticated webusers so customers would all be fine with the Community Edition.
So my point is. With 100 concurrent external webusers hardly anyone would buy Utility Server Express anymore.
Not a problem for me (and I already voted yes) but maybe for IBM.
5) Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 (15 Dec 2010)
@1: I was thinking about 100 users in the address book. Not concurrent. Could be set to 25, or even lower. Perhaps 5, and then you need to buy a Notes Collaboration Express license for additional users, or for any users who want mail as well.
6) Mike Woolsey4870 (12 Feb 2011)
Yeah, what I'd be looking for is some way to neglect "outside customer" users as licensees. Distinguish them; but recognize they aren't part of the company & shouldn't be charged to the company just to talk to 'em.
7) Grant Lindsay1038 (20 May 2011)
My use case is that of a non-profit with a few volunteers that need a website. Most of the access to the site would be anonymous, with a few accounts for the volunteers to make updates to the site and a form or two for follow up contact requests from public visitors.

A Domino developer (i.e., I) would do the design, then ideally have a free web server and free access to it for the public and free access for the non-profit volunteers (no mail, though.) I would design the site so that the volunteers could log-in and make updates through a browser and the content would be dynamically generated.

Being able to register unlimited "outside" users for more interactive participation (e.g., forums,) would be a dream add-on.

As things are, however, I will likely need to spend a lot more time getting to know a different web development technology that will be no cost to the non-profit .
8) Tinus Riyanto2825 (11 Aug 2011)
I think that the latest revision of the express license would allow this for anonymous web access ?


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