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: Stijn Soens90 02 Jan 2012
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When visiting customers, I use a suplied Notes ID to connect to their Domino environment and as a result, my Notes client results in a mixture of settings being pushed down by organizational policies.
I understand that you do not want end users to bypass policies but as an admin, I want to be able to set a field in my location doc that controls if policies will be applied (this is a manual process per location doc where the exception applies). Today, the AcceptUpdates field controls if the location doc can get updates or not but does not prevent other settings from being pushed down (e.g. force signed mail, disable my recent contacts, widget catalogs from customers, replicas and so on)

1) Bill Malchisky12192 (03 Jan 2012)
I absolutely understand your frustration, but your suggestion is the incorrect way to go about it. Blocking policies locally will ensure that the respective administrator loses control of the environment, something that policies are supposed to ensure: control and consistency. As you have an ID on the client network, you need to conform to their Notes policies while using it. Bypassing security for consultants will never pass any security officer worthy of the title.

What might be interesting is a special Location document (different from the standard set) that we can create in arrears and which allows to keep policies for our domain only. Doubt it would happen, but might be a fun exercise to see how it could work.

You can also try creating VMs for each client, or have a VM that is just for client work, as do I. So, thus, I keep all my own Notes settings as I wish, then pause the VM, change to the admin VM and switch IDs as appropriate with the separate Notes client. Works quite well.
2) Guy Ceulemans355 (04 Jan 2012)
Stijn, I also understand the frustration but I do agree with Bill.

I had 2 instances of Notes for years. One for personal use and one when visiting customers. Sinds customers are using Notes Policies (thank God they do) I'm using VitualBox and multiple VM's. As Bill already mentioned, this works very well.
It has the advantage that you can make snapshots. Especially when you want to upgrade Notes or you want to deploy a new policy. You can test and revert back to the snapshot.
3) Mike Woolsey4870 (10 Feb 2012)
Not only do I understand the frustration, I recognize when administrators have become too intrusive. I get policy updates so often it sometimes arbitrarily crashes Notes (often many times an hour). Administrators also need to be reined-in. Not every installation of Notes should be under their control.

This happens to be a vendor, and you perceive that you get to grant his access in your installation. All well and good if you know better than your vendor, but you'd better be in a position to respond quickly if not, because he's costing your organization a lot of money.

And that's because you're paying for him. The next time you get an irate **customer** complaining because you killed his Notes connection, you'll realize what all this means.

I think it's pretty clear that administrators need to factor in IDs that are used this way and avoid their dictatorial policies for regular users. Because they happen all the time.

The technology needs to make this kind of avoidance clear, because the dictators in administration aren't accounting for it.

(So says a one-time administrator, who's seen the excesses of turning generalization into absolutism.)


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