Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts 
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: replication, rules
: Charles Robinson8913 28 Dec 2007
: / Email
Currently there is no way to determine in real time when replication/save conflicts occur.  I would like to have the following:
1)  An event that gets triggered at the database level so we can resolve these in real time.
2)  Some way to determine which fields triggered the conflict.
3)  Replication/save conflict rules that could automatically fix the problem rather than having to write code.  This would allow application owners to manage how this is handled.
This isn't particularly difficult to write myself, but for a product that has had replication since 1985 you'd think there would be better built-in tools to handle it.

1) Matt Buchanan2137 (28 Dec 2007)
Great idea - regarding your second point, if you weren't aware there is a field called $ConflictItems which gets created sometimes in conflict documents (I think it's just for replication conflicts, not save conflicts) - as the name suggests, it lists all the items that caused the conflict.
2) Charles Robinson8913 (28 Dec 2007)
@1 - $ConflictItems is only created for replication conflicts so it's of limited use. :-)
3) Nick Radov1404 (30 Jan 2008)
If IBM could just fix SPR # JRED7AWML6 this would be somewhat less of an issue.
4) Charles Robinson8913 (01 Feb 2008)
Nick, I reported that and was told that it was something in my implementation! :-p
5) Hendrik Jan van Meerveld812 (05 Oct 2009)
Regarding point 3), my idea { Link } might be helpful here.
6) Charles Robinson8913 (05 Oct 2009)
@5 - No, it's nothing like that. The rules would be per-instance of replication or save conflict, not an attempt to aggregate them across multiple updates.
7) Starrow Pan5103 (03 Jan 2015)
Even if the event were available, there would still be no appropriate language to write logic to handle it. LS is not a domain language like SQL that is suitable to write trigger logic about data manipulation. It would add overhead of executing some LS codes in such a backend event. And if errors or ui codes occur in the event handler, Notes has no proper way to report them and even roll back the affected document data. In my opinion, detecting & creating conflicts should be a optional feature rather than the default behavior. Other DBMS don't spend so much time on asking whether a record has been modified when saving it.
8) Christopher Boote10606 (05 Jan 2015)
Starrow. The 'rules' suggestion could handle that without changing the default behaviour
Simply 'always accept newer' could be one rule, for example
9) Starrow Pan5103 (06 Jan 2015)
@Christopher, As to rules, the replication conflicts handling options on the form properties box suffice for the case of replication if that feature is implemented precisely and without bugs. LS, Java & SSJS API of suffice for the back-end saving. Only two scenarios cannot be controlled. One is saving documents from client UI directly or, the other is saving documents in the classic Notes web applications where even, false) is used, a save conflict will have been created before that call if the doc has been modified by others. So the sole missing piece is to make the current replication conflicts handling option work for save conflicts as well, after all the option reads "conflicts handling" not "replication conflicts handling". No else rule is needed.


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