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: Notes Client / Mail
: Identity, Alias
: John Cawrey948 10 Nov 2007
: / Email
Add the ability within an email to [easily] select an Identity for the mail to be sent from.
I know we can set up Locations to manage identities, but this could also involve the need to modify connection documents too, affects open document windows, and it takes too long to switch locations. [And I dont really want users having to set up location documents themselves] .
To send one email from a different identity currently means changing location, create and send, revert to original location, and thats too cumbersome.  And how many people have forgotten to revert to their original location and ended up sending out from the wrong address for some time??
The 'Send Replies to' option is not suffiicent.
I am looking for something a bit like the way Stationery works, where within the email you can select an identity and it sets the From/Principal/Reply Address fields as required.

1) Julian Woodward2032 (10 Nov 2007)
Agreed. This would be really useful for sending emails from generic addresses:, for instance.

And yes 'send replies to' is definitely inadequate.

(Outlook already does this, by the way - if I'm allowed to use the 'O' word :-)
2) Keith Brooks6439 (12 Nov 2007)
I had posted a similar issue under the topic:

Option of which Email address to use on Send

{ Link }
3) Alan Lepofsky8175 (13 Nov 2007)
Is there a way to combine this with Keith's vote so that neither one gets "diluted".
4) Bruce Elgort12540 (13 Nov 2007)

V1.0 does not support "merging" ideas. A future version will. Oh how I love being on this side of the equation for a change :-).
5) Grant Lindsay1038 (20 Nov 2007)
I hesitantly vote "up" on this.

My only concern is spoofing. The implementation of this idea must include a way to trace back an email (even if only in the headers) to the actual sender. Like From: "Help Desk", Sent By: "Grant"

-- Grant

P.S. Another work around for this right now is setting up a mail file, "owned" (in the preferences) by a generic name/address. Delegate to authorized people ability to send email from the mail file (like one might give an administrative assistant such access.) Email thus sent will appear as coming From: "GenericName"; but show SentBy: "ActualSender". If the generic address is a mail-in database, then bounces and replies would go there, too.

This is easy to set up, and secure. No fussing with Locations.
6) Grant Lindsay1038 (20 Nov 2007)
Another thought: For ease of use, the generic mail file could be added to the person's "Switch To" list (in preferences).
7) chris boote1632 (05 Dec 2008)
Nor sure how this differs from just changing the 'reply to' and 'saent from' address fields in the advanced properties?


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