Ability to detach and remove file attachments from multiple emails at once 
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: mail management, attachments
: P Mayo133 02 Jul 2009
: / Email
<div>We have enabled mail file quotas in our&nbsp;organization and what we recognize is that&nbsp;file attachments are&nbsp;the primary contributor to mail size bloat.&nbsp;Currently, users can only detach/delete&nbsp;email attachments&nbsp;one email at a time. Painful and not very productive.&nbsp; What would simplify user&nbsp;mail file management is to have the ability to select multiple emails with attachments&nbsp;that can be detached to&nbsp;a file location&nbsp;designated by the user and removed from the body of the selected emails.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The processed emails&nbsp;would&nbsp;have&nbsp;the name of the detached file(s) listed in its body.&nbsp;&nbsp;Outlook and other mail applications have had this capability for some time, when will we see this feature in&nbsp;Lotus Notes?</div>

1) Carl Tyler5343 (02 Jul 2009)
Sounds interesting, how do you do this in Outlook? I can't see a menu option or anything.
2) Ulrich Krause5701 (03 Jul 2009)
Why not using DAOS ?
3) Jan Schulz4949 (04 Jul 2009)
There is an agent in the openntf code bin, which does exactly that: select several mails, actions -> delete attachments -> all attachments get deeltet from that emails.

Just copy it to you mailtemplate and you are done. But I promoted anyway, because altering your mail template gets a pain in the a** at each update...
4) P Mayo133 (06 Jul 2009)
Actually, I need to edit the point about Outlook having this feature as an out-of-the-box feature. Its a Microsoft add-in called, "SaveAllAttchments for Outlook 2007". Likely freeware.

We know about the code for this capability and plan to add to our mail template, but as Jan noted, it is a pain to do this at each update. It seems like a "no brainer - low budget" feature that IBM could incorporate that its customers will likely find a value-add.

We are looking at enabling DAOS for managing storage space on the servers, but it does not solve the problem for users who work from local copies of their mail files. For performance reasons, we want to the local copies to be kept within limits as well without affecting our highly mobile users.


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