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Make the keyboard shortcuts the same in the client and designer 
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: Scott Good174 10 Sep 2009
: / Email
For reasons I find completely unfathomable, the shortcuts to do identical operations are different between the Notes client and the Domino Designer. For instance:
In the client, as it has since the beginning of time, Ctrl-M creates a new mail message. That USED to be the same in the designer but now (I'm on 8.5.1), Ctrl-M in the designer toggles you back and forth between the full screen of whatever panel you're on.
There are a lot of people out here who use keyboard shortcuts ALL THE TIME. It was bad enough when, a few years ago, somebody arbitrarily decided to change the keystrokes that had worked in all the prior versions. To now require us to learn different sets of different keystrokes as we move not only between versions of Notes (we have customers on versions from 5.5 to 8.x) but also between the client and designer...it's ridiculous.

1) Dirk Stelloh2259 (11 Sep 2009)
As I may add: Use the same shortcuts in different Language-Versions: Crtl+C or Crtl+V or anything like that is the same, but Ctrl+B (Bold), Ctrl+E (Edit Document) and many more are different in different languages.

I'm using the english client, but many customers are using the one in their language. Using shortcuts may result in 'suprising' results...
2) Peter Presnell26659 (11 Sep 2009)
Good idea but I am not sure if it is practical. I think the challenge for IBM is that Notes client users are now used to various short-cuys such as <Ctrl><M> but for Eclipse it has a different meaning. With Domino Designer how do you provide consistency to both Notes and Eclipse?
3) Sjef Bosman2089 (07 Oct 2009)
And in the client, in mail? When you have the R8.5 template, you have to go to the end with just the End key. With the old R7 template, it is still Ctrl-End.

Why are these Eclipse keys still there? The product is called Notes, and not NoEclipse. Wasn't Notes famous for its backward compatibility?? The UI changes sometimes baffle me...


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