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: Mario Costa4453 31 Oct 2007
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<div>Simply add the Ubuntu Linux distribution to the supported Linux client list.</div>

1) David Vasta2524 (01 Nov 2007)
This has to happen. It's important to support the one version that will always be free and that many many long time Linux poeple are moving too. Give us a .deb for everything IBM offers an RPM for.
2) Philip Storry1467 (02 Nov 2007)
I think that Ubuntu support would be great, but it might be better to rephrase this as "support Ubuntu LTS releases"...

The Long Term Support (LTS) releases of Ubuntu are the ones that businesses are most likely to use anyway, and Ubuntu does six-monthly releases which may put undue strain on IBM.

Supporting only the LTS releases may be the ideal compromise.
3) Simon Scullion745 (08 Nov 2007)
Apparently there are already groups internally working unofficially on packaging for Ubuntu. Why don't Lotus give them a hand formally?

@David, I agree, this is a big one.

@Philip, Yes, this would be a sensible approach.
4) Bill Malchisky12192 (16 Nov 2007)
@2 Correct... along with that, know that SuSE and Red Hat went to the Enterprise model years ago to alleviate the semi-annual release cycles that impeded business and ISV acceptance of Linux. The enterprise release cycles are approximately 18 months and allow companies like IBM to build a software version to an OS and then patch it properly, without having to re-compile and re-test for all the products across a moving target (at six-month intervals).

So, the LTS releases are the only ones that would have a shot.
5) Claudio Rinaldini53 (27 Nov 2007)
I'm waiting for a full Ubuntu support (client, designer and administrator).
6) Kerr Rainey4990 (21 Jan 2008)
Someone mark this as complete. Whoot!
7) Kevin Crocker42 (02 Apr 2010)
I'm sorry - but this isn't complete . While there is a .deb package, it doesn't work without serious workarounds and additional steps. Also, there is no support for Notes client on Ubuntu LTS 64bit.

While I'm aware that 64bits doesn't really get us much from the Notes client perspective, for those of us who have moved to running just about everything in VM's, running the Notes client on our native OS (Ubuntu 64bit - at the moment 9.10 but moving to 10.04 LTS as soon as it is out) helps immensely with memory management a performance.


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