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: Sametime / Contact Management
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: David Vasta2524 30 Oct 2007
: / Email
There should be an easy way for Admins and owners of the NAB to place images in the NAB so that they show up in Sametime.

1) Michael Amberg822 (30 Oct 2007)
The feature needs to be able to both crop and resize*** images (***reduce the actual size (bytes) of an image file not just shrink its layout)
2) Carl Tyler5343 (31 Oct 2007)
Make it possible for people to change their own image from within the sametime client.
3) Wes Morgan62 (16 Nov 2007)
Interestingly enough, the folks who have spoken to me absolutely do NOT want clients uploading their own pictures. Not only are there crop/resize issues, but also the potential for "inappropriate" images (e.g. cartoon characters, 'funny' or 'unprofessional' pictures) and the question of scalability (directory bloat) for those with larger user populations.
4) Carl Tyler5343 (16 Nov 2007)
@4 That's why there are policies, the same way people can turn off custom emoticons or screen capture, they could also turn off image upload. It's all about options. I
5) Barry Shapiro498 (18 Nov 2007)
How about backend native lotuscript / java classes that we can use to automate the crop . resizwe of images into rich text fields.
6) David Vasta2524 (21 Nov 2007)
How about just make it easy for the Admins and HR to add them. I don't want users to do it. Most users are childish and will add Bart Simpson to be their pic and I don't want that, but what I do want is an easy way for the people with the right authority to add a persons pic, the same pic that is in the HR file and on the badge the use to enter the building to help build a community within a large or small company.
7) Melissa Anez849 (30 Nov 2007)
@4 I agree. Make it an option that IT can turn off if the company doesn't trust employees to be professional about it. But still leave us the option. Not every company has the same attitude about how much "personality" their employees should display on services like this.
8) Jean Brennan34 (12 May 2008)
This feature would be great for Admins only. It would be nice to use the same picture that is used for our bade system.
9) Phil Warner445 (08 Jan 2009)
This might be something to integrate with a Connections profile, where the install-base allows it. So, either way, perhaps offer users, managers or admins the chance to upload photos via a link to their profile from the sametime server browser homepage. It would give people more reason to go there, be similar to other web-based social applications (like IdeaJam!) and give the opportunity for Lotus to make pitches for ST Advanced etc, getting ideas across to people outside of the IT department.
10) Giovanni Luperto61 (11 Oct 2009)
The best will be a policy to choose btw "let user change from st client" / "central administration". The best will be a dedicated app, web & notes aware, to manage only and all people profile ( photoes & company & personal data ), reading data from corporate RDB & with auto.allign function with domino directory


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