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Need a process to undelete a user. 
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: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
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: David Hablewitz15237 13 Feb 2009
: / Email
This is an admin thing, but to you developers who feel our pain, thank you for your supportive votes.
Who out there hasn't performed a Delete Person (either intentionally or not) and then needed to go back and restore that person.  If you were smart enough to have a database that you put a copy of all documents in before you delete them from the Domino Directory, then at least you can recover the person document easily.  And if you have a recent backup of the directory, you can create a view of groups sorted by member and identify all the groups the name must be added back into.  If you have the discipline to avoid putting names directly into ACLs, then you don't have to track down that list of databases to re-add the name, though you may have to guess at what access levels they should have.  Let's not even talk about reader/author names fields!
As easy as it is to delete a person from the domain, we really need a process to make it less painful to undelete one.
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1) Colin Williams335 (16 Feb 2009)
Could this not be handled with some internal process? Eg; Add the user to a deny access group for a predetermined period of time, set-up mail rule to forward emails to you/manager/mail in db that sends an 'I don't work here anymore' autoreply?
2) David Hablewitz15237 (17 Feb 2009)
It's not a matter of what a company's policies are for processing terminations. Every company has different requirements for that. This is related to the technical process executed by AdminP when a Delete Person request is posted. When a Delete Person request is processed by AdminP, there is no *easy* way to undo it or even identify what was done.
3) David Killingsworth4000 (17 Feb 2009)
I suggest that IBM implements a "Disable User" feature. We do this manually now by changing the user's name to **Disabled** John Doe for a period of 1 to 3 months. After that, we manually delete them.

This Disable user feature could be handled by AdminP and after 30 days or so it would appear in the Pending Administrator Approval views in admin4.nsf much like renaming a user does.

Incidentally, if you delete a user accidentally, you can restore a backup of the NAB and copy the person document and paste it back into the production address book.

Another little trick you can do is if an admin accidentally modifies several person documents (with an agent for example) or deletes several users accidentally during the middle of a busy business day, you can go to another server on the other end of the replication chain (one that your hubs have not replicate the deletions to yet), and refresh all person documents. The refreshed person documents will have a later date than the deletion stubs will and the deletion stubs will be canceled out and the person documents copies back into the NAB on your hubs.

We have had this a few times when an admin select 100 or so person documents and ran the wrong agent against them.
4) Stephen Bailey1819 (24 Feb 2009)
We add users to a deny list first, then delete later. That usually covers all of the anomalies, but you sometimes get people coming back after extended maternity leave who need to be restored. It happens.

Great idea. Promoted, any admin who lives in the real world with an inefficient HR department will promote it too!

5) charles ross287 (13 May 2009)
Is this not just an adjunct to "Copy or "archive" documents into another database when deleted from the Domino Directory" ?

Seems like 2 views of a solution to one use case.
6) Rob Kirkland12 (31 Jul 2011)
Alternatively, Lotus could set the document selections of the People view to "none selected" after each operation. That way you won't accidentally delete the 10 people you were operating on before lunch instead of the one you intended to delete after lunch. Domino Admin apparently does work this way with some operations, but not with others. For example, if you select a group of users to delete, click Delete Person, then cancel the dialog, the users are automatically deselected in the view. But if you promote the selected users to roaming, they are not deselected when that operation is finished.

Alternatively, the Delete Person dialog could lead to additional, one-by-one confirmations, as other dialog boxes do, so that the admin can see that the people about to be deleted are the ones intended to be deleted.

Alternatively, the document selection mechanism in Domino Admin could be changed to work the way it does in Windows and in Notes and Designer 8, where you have to use Ctrl and/or Shift to select multiple documents. I suppose Dom Admin would have to become an Eclipse plug-in for that to happen, though.

Failing Lotus's making any of the suggested changes to the user interface, I like the other commentators' ideas regarding disablement first, deletion later. But I don't think any of them really solve the core problem, which is that in the end, if you don't work deliberately and read carefully, it is still easy to delete the wrong person/people from the directory and painful to restore them, especially if you don't discover the error immediately.


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