add Groovy support natively to Notes Java Programming 
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: Axel Janssen6869 13 Feb 2008
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Groovy is getting more and more interest in the Java community.
Its kind of faster to write, especially if you implement detail-rich business logic, which is typical for Domino projects.
Groovy might even be easier to learn than full blown Java and as a language its far more feature rich and more easily extendible than LotusScript (for example collection classes, cool features for xml processing, etc. much more).
I don't want this as a Lotus Script replacer, but as an aditional option. 

1) Nick Radov1404 (13 Feb 2008)
Domino 8.5 is supposed to support Java 6.0, which includes JSR 223. So you should be able to write a small Java wrapper to call a script written in Groovy, or any other scripting language.

{ Link }
2) Axel Janssen6869 (14 Feb 2008)
Come on, gents.
Heck, I know that I even could do that in Notes8 using Java5.
What I (and obviously no one else) wish is oficial IBM backing for Groovy as a programming language on the Notes platform.
I think the dynamic scripting approach fits very well with Lotus Notes.
7 years a not small part of the Notes community complains about rigidities of the Java programming language. Now there is a solid, nice 'nd easy scripting language on top of Java, which gets more and more adopted on our planet.

Even with 6 demotes I still think that its great idea :-)

3) Kerr Rainey4990 (18 Feb 2008)
I think there are lots of places where groovy would be an excellent choice for scripting work in Domino. The only downside is that its another thing that Domino devs would have to learn, but since it can be integrated regardless of IBM's explicit approval, I think we will see it anyway.

4) Bob Balfe704 (22 Feb 2008)
I think this would be great to surface in the notes client. Kind of like the new way to have actions in the UI.


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