Deleting a message should put focus back to inbox 
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: Larry C569 07 May 2008
: / Email
Assume I have an email message open in its own tab.   After reading the message, if I delete it, I would expect the tab to close and to be taken back to the inbox.
Instead, what Notes does is to delete the message but at the same time, in the same tab, it opens the next message from the inbox for reading.  This can be very annoying, as this behavior also marks the next message as 'read', which may not be what I want.  (Yes, I along with many others, misuse read/unread marks as  'to-do' or 'action needed' indicators).
So now for me, what I would expect to be one click (delete and go back to inbox), is three steps:  1) press delete 2) close tab 3) change the message that was unintentionally opened as unread.
It seems like the default behavior in Notes comes from a older era, when my inbox consisted of a few messages per day and the expectation was I would act on the messages, one at at time, in order, until my inbox was cleared.    I don't think most people work in that way today.

1) Theo Heselmans9557 (07 May 2008)
Indeed, one of my annoyances. Make this an option, if you think people prefer the 'old' way. Oh, and make this happen in DWA (lite) too !
2) David Hablewitz15116 (13 Feb 2009)
FWIW, I've been asking for this since maybe...R4? Returning to the view or folder seems the more intuitive action. I often don't want to open the next message. If I want that process, I'll use the preview pane. Worst case, give me a preference.
3) Christopher Boote10606 (12 Aug 2009)
This should be a mail preference
(It's very simple to code into the template)
4) Rob Goudvis8695 (12 Oct 2009)
@2: this is precisely my point too: what happens to all those wnoderful ideas?


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