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: Gregg Eldred8655 10 Jan 2009
: / Email
For too long, e-mail messages using rich text formatting have lost their fidelity when sent to either external addresses or to the iNotes client. A messaging server should be able to preserve the sender's formatting, providing the recipient with a message as it was intended with no loss of fidelity. Currently, there is a product on the market that can preserve the rich text format simply by installing a plug-in and adding two lines to the servers' NOTES.INI. Screen shots can be found here:
I'd like to see message fidelity when using rich text formatting in Domino.

1) Henning Heinz260 (10 Jan 2009)
I would prefer getting rid rich text and CD record nonsense so I wasn't sure if I should promote in this case. It would cure symptoms but still save a proprietary 20th century format. But at the end the question is a different one.
2) Wayne Sobers1170 (10 Jan 2009)
I'm less concerned about the underlying format and more concerned about time lost designing around current limitations. If all of the non-conforming issues were listed upfront then at least you would know where you stand.
3) Keith Brooks6439 (11 Jan 2009)
It's not like Lotus hasn't heard this one before from like everyone on Earth that emails newsletters or anything to corporates.
I deal with some local mailers because they need to know how an email looks in r5,6,7 and R8. They can appear differently naturally.
No, I do not check every point release of versions, I have some sanity left.
Either there is a standard, and we stick to it, or there isn't one and we should conform to one that works.
And definitely wihtin our own mail clients.
4) Colin Williams605 (11 Jan 2009)
Long overdue...and needs to apply to RT conversion in custom apps also.
5) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (11 Jan 2009)
Colin - For what it is worth, the same engine (with some specialization) is used for CoexEdit, which is, of course, available for custom apps. If IBM had the engine, they could use it in many places where rich text (CD records) to HTML or MIME, and HTML or MIME to rich text, are required. If they built their own engine, presumably the same would be true.
6) Colin Williams605 (11 Jan 2009)
I gathered exactly that Ben ;) What I really wanted to write was "Ben Langinrichs has done the work, please just buy him out and let him and his family live a wonderful life eating caviar etc whist the rest of us benefit from his success".
7) Colin Williams605 (11 Jan 2009)
I mean, shit this is 2009. I've been working with Notes since version long must I wait for a version that does half decent RT<>HTML conversion? 6, 6.5, 7, 8 and now 8.5...that's 5 major releases and we still can't expect our emails to arrive half decent at the other end? Holy toledo Batman...shag Java views and their rotten performance, please just make the basics work first thanks very much!
8) Bill Malchisky12192 (13 Jan 2009)
Notes mail allows for some major capabilities that other systems lack. Clients are always impressed to see how one can format a significant amount of information into an e-mail that is only 0.75 of a screen height (or less) and have the reader get to precisely what they want when they need it.

Other e-mail systems fail to provide this level of brilliance and thus, impede the overall effectiveness of the message, resolving to a mass multi-page novel, which is best served for a publisher, than a power user or executive.

I am all for getting Notes to handle better conversion between Notes and non-Notes RPC/RTF based systems...but not at the expense of Notes losing formatting capabilities.
9) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (14 Jan 2009)
Bill - Absolutely. The goal, as I understand the idea (and certainly as our iFidelity product works) is to provide a precise version of the mail in another system so that the other user sees just what the Notes sender saw. There should be no loss of formatting capabilities.
10) Colin Williams605 (14 Jan 2009)
Bill is probably referring to sections.
11) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (14 Jan 2009)
Colin - OK, that is valid (and I should have mentioned it). Sections and tabbed tables are two of the big limitations, and both do relate to what Bill said. While it is possible to replicate either with some JavaScript, and while the iFidelity engine can generate such JavaScript, it is not on by default because various mail systems restrict or cripple the use of JavaScript. I'm not sure how either IBM or we could address that cleanly.
12) Bill Malchisky12192 (14 Jan 2009)
@10 Yes, sections. And when combined with embedded tabbed tables and sub-tables on appropriate tabs, the power increases even more. Really a powerful combination.
13) Bill Malchisky12192 (14 Jan 2009)
p.s. Appreciate the follow-up @10 & @11. Hope to see you both at LS09.
14) Christopher Baier440 (16 Jan 2009)
It would be great if Notes mail would just use an HTML-based solution for creating/rendering mail (at least the body).
As for the LN-specific things: tabbed tables, sections, etc. perhaps these be handled (internally) by custom tags or whatever (not sure of what I speak, but I would not want to lose those features.
15) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (28 Jan 2009)
Well, since Gregg mentioned the product I was building in his idea, it is probably only fair to invite anybody who wants to try out the beta of the product (iFidelity for Lotus Notes) by filling out the form at { Link }
16) Colin Williams605 (28 Jan 2009)
@15 - its not appropriate to post that link here. Please send it to IBM! ;)
17) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (28 Jan 2009)
@Colin - I have been assured that IBM watches this site. So, perhaps I just did.
18) Tinus Riyanto2825 (11 Aug 2011)
I would love for this idea to come true :D


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