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: Scott Cochrane1847 24 Dec 2007
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Hows about a new field for designer that is a sequence number (similar to an identity field on sql server/db2 etc).
So you could add a new field to a form and select datatype 'Sequence Number'.  It auto-generates a sequence number in this field for every document that is saved using this form.  Its be nice if saving via lotusscript also generated the sequence number without the need to do anything other than set the form field on the document.
Of course this gets complicated with replicas.  Maybe it should be possible to choose to not maintain the sequence number across replicas or if you want to do this it uses the adminstration server specified in the acl as the central place to lookup the sequence?
Or maybe this ought to be a separate design element but simply keyed to the form.  What d'all think?

1) Rajeev Menon3439 (24 Dec 2007)
Since notes is not a relational db, I don't think the sequence number concept will work well in notes.
2) Thomas Bahn4937 (24 Dec 2007)
I see no way, how this could be made possible with (disconnected) replicas at all.
3) Scott Cochrane1847 (28 Dec 2007)
I appreciate that is won't work seemlessly on a disconnected replica, but surely you have to design around things when replicas are local anyway. And there would be ways around it.

Given the number of demotes (is this a record so far?) I am thinking I'm in the only business where users want to see a sequential reference numbers on documents.
4) Carl Rizzo1674 (16 Feb 2010)
Hi Scott,

You are not the only one with this challange. I have struggled with this issue for many years and it would be worth any effort that resulted in a field or a strategy that worked. Maybe the key is in the sequential numbering system. If the user is using a local copy maybe the number is not assigned until you can go online and claim the next number. Unique is not good enough for our auditors. They want sequential too. Thanks
5) Scott Cochrane1847 (17 Feb 2010)
Good to hear Carl - glad its not just me.

But do I leave this open or not? What is the etiquette on here? Anyone ?


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