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: David McKeand165 02 Dec 2007
: / Email
Currently you have to first create a shortcut and then attach it to the message.  It would be great to be able to have the option to select a file and select "Attach shortcut" within the File Attach dialog box. 
In terms of just shear space saving this would be a good win. Instead of a user sending a 10Mb file to 20 people taking up 200Mb the "Attach shortcut" option would only send a 2/3K file so basically saving >199Mb.

1) Thomas Bahn4937 (03 Dec 2007)
I don't like placing files for collaboration on file servers: Think about replication, local replicas, separate company locations, ... IMHO it's better to create a basic Notes application, where to store the files, and have a "Send Doc Link" action in there.
2) David McKeand165 (03 Dec 2007)
In a perfect world yes but when you have Gigs of data sitting on Windows file servers this solution is almost impossible. I agree that a data store on Notes would be a better solution but that is far off for this organisation and I guess a few more.
3) Chuck Hauble870 (03 Dec 2007)
Not everyone is a multinational, multi-location company, creating a shortcut to a file on a file system needs to be dead simple to do, if not people end up using their email as their file system
4) Gavin Bollard1648 (10 Dec 2007)
I just posted something similar because we use different terminology (didn't find yours when I searched).

{ Link }

We are saying the same thing aren't we?? I'm surprised by the low number of votes here.
5) Kim Dehen43 (14 Nov 2008)
YES - we definitely agree here at our company. I understand a lack of need for this if you're a full blown Notes company and have all of the collaboration apps. There has to be many many companies out there that use File Servers to store their data along with Lotus NOtes for email and possibly some other applications. We need an easy way to include a link to a file on the file system.


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