Rich Mail Support: Replica ID's in the 'Use' Statement 
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: Bill Buchan735 09 Mar 2008
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Lets get back to Notes' Rich Mail Support. You remember when Forms were pretty much self-contained, and applications could mail the entire form to a user, for the user to manipulate a form, and for the result to be posted back to the database.

As applications get more complex, we're encouraged to put complex LotusScript code into Script Libraries, which is a Good Thing. However, it means that we cannot eMail that form to an Inbox and expect it to work, unless we take the rather serious step of inserting that script library into all mail files.

So why not allow a Use statement such as:

use "<replicaID>myLibrary"
or use "<filepath>myLibrary"

Where the client will attempt to open the nearest database using that replica ID, and then load the script library. Ideally, latently - that is, after the form is loaded.

In terms of templates, we'd need to see something a little more robust than just the replica ID of course. Perhaps if it supported filepath as well, then we might end up with reusable script library 'libraries' that may pool design elements.. ?

---* Bill

1) Dan Sickles1725 (09 Mar 2008)
Great idea. Perhaps a URI format that could specify replica IDs and/or Notespaths/filepaths.
2) Andreas Imnitzer269 (10 Mar 2008)
Well, with some dialog window popping up, like: cannot find location of the scriptlib. Where exactly is it? The issue to think about in this, might be: How to make an app aware of needed script libs when being replicated to a local dbdir. Resolve the "use statements" to a temporary copy into db while replicating and checking for update every time? This could lead to a new feature wanted: update mechanism for parts and automated update at replication time.
3) John Vaughan65 (11 Mar 2008)
This would be great for another reason too - you email something out to a whole lot of people and then discover some weird bug in the code. Too late! But if the script lib pointed to a central place... then you could still fix it. I can think of several instances when this would have been great to have.
4) Jan Schulz4949 (13 Mar 2008)
I think it's even better: just add your common stuff in one DB and use it from there: updates without design updates to all apps... just on place to sign, ...
5) Michael Kinder624 (26 Mar 2008)
I love this idea, and feel it is a long time coming. You could create 1 or more databases in your environment that sort of act like LScript DLLs.


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