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Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with 
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: Domino Administrator
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: Sean Burgess5201 11 Oct 2007
: / Email
Instead of having to switch IDs just to sign a database, it would be much easier to be able to just select the ID file you want to use to sign with, put in the password, and do the signing. This would be similar to the way you can choose the certifier when going to register an ID. This is incredibly important when you use a central ID to sign all code that goes into production.

1) Ben Poole1705 (02 Nov 2007)
That would be useful, but I'd have to give some props to Ytria on this point. signEZ does this really nicely (e.g. you can keep control of your signing IDs).
2) Ninke Westra1722 (08 Nov 2007)
True. They make some excellent tools but I find their pricing a bit steep
3) Bill Malchisky9254 (16 Nov 2007)
As long as the ID is not another user's ID, then this is fine. Otherwise, linking with certificates through the CA process, perhaps, and choosing which of your certificates you would want to use, might be acceptable, perhaps suboptimal, but at least add flexibility.
4) Scott Cochrane1949 (20 Nov 2007)
I have used Teamstudios build manager a lot which does this similar to Ytrias signEZ. But yes a Lotusscript api (or C) would be great - and avoid the 'hacks' that ytria/teamstudio have used. get my vote.
5) Michael Sobczak2969 (29 Nov 2007)
You can do this programmatically without much difficulty. All you need to do is write an agent that builds a NotesNoteCollection of all design elements in the database. You can then use the GetFirstNoteID and GetNextNoteID to get the design element NoteIDs. Then, use the NotesDocument.Sign method to sign them. The key is signing the scheduled agent with the signing ID. Each database that needs signing would be a Request document in the Signing Authority db that the scheduled agent would use to determine the target database's server and path.
6) Sean Burgess5201 (10 Dec 2007)
@Michael- Think about the amount of work you are proposing vs giving the administrator the ability to simply select an ID when signing a database. The method you are describing really doesn't help with on the fly signing nor would it work on local databases.
7) Michael Sobczak2969 (12 Dec 2007)
@Sean-The scenario I described was more applicable to companies that have to follow an established procedure for moving design changes into production. Believe me, I fully understand and appreciate being able to move changes immediately into production. However, not all companies can do that. So sure, having a way to do this via a button is optimal. Although I don't see how much hardship it would be to have to put a template onto a development server for signing purposes, or waiting for an agent scheduled to run every 15 or 30 minutes to process a signing request.
8) Patrick Kwinten22013 (17 Dec 2007)
We have an application where I can place request in to sign a database...
9) David Hablewitz15237 (19 Feb 2008)
I asked for this back in version 5. They responded in versin 6 by giving the ability to sign with the server ID or with the current ID. This forces the admin to switch IDs just to sign a database. Doesn't seem like a big deal until you see it close all the other tabs of work you're in the middle of and closes the server in the administrator client. Then you have to remember which database you were going to sign and navigate back to it to sign it. Major hassle for admins. Typical work-around is to have 2 computers and use the second computer just to run Notes with the signing ID. What a nightmare. Obviously, whoever developed the signing process never has to use it in the real world.
10) David Hablewitz15237 (19 Feb 2008)
I noticed the only people voting to Demote this are developers. I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm asked to sign your design changes and move them into production. ;-)
11) Melissa Snell1766 (25 Sep 2008)
I asked the techies for this when I was at Lotusphere 2 years ago. As a developer it would be really usful to be able to sign a database using an ID other than the one you are logged in as all of the open tabs in both Notes and Designer close, which is a pain. Something similar to the ID properties option in the admin client, where you can open the ID file as long as you know the password, but you don't have to switch to it.
12) Scott Petricig24 (22 Apr 2009)
This would really help when trying to do the "workaround" for the "slow mail file opening" bug after renaming a user....!
13) Dave Navarre339 (14 Jun 2011)
@9, sometimes, when I had to sign my designs multiple times over the course of a day, I ended up simply staying logged in with the signing ID to avoid that problem, which is 'non-optimal'.
14) Alex Elliott20 (02 Feb 2015)
Yes this can done programatically using the NotesRegistration class which has been around since Notes 4.6.


Dim Session As New NotesSession
Dim Reg As NotesRegistration
Dim CurrentIDFilePath As String
Dim CurrentIDPassword As String
Dim IDFilePath As String
Dim IDPassword As String

' Specify path of id file to switch to and password for the id file
IDFilePath = "..."
IDPassword = "..."

' Save path of current id file
CurrentIDFilePath = Session.GetEnvironmentString("KeyFileName", True)
CurrentIDPassword = "..."

' Switch to alternate id file
Set Reg = New NotesRegistration
Reg.Registration = Session.CurrentDatabase
Call Reg.SwitchToID(IDFilePath, IDPassword)

' Sign the database
Call Session.CurrentDatabase.Sign(DBSIGN_DOC_ALL)

' Switch back to original id file
Call Reg.SwitchToID(CurrentIDFilePath, CurrentIDPassword)


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