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DataGrid Control 
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: Domino Designer
: datagrid, view, folder, xpages
: Peter Presnell26659 17 Apr 2009
: / Email
As an alternative to Views/folders, provide the ability to execute a query at run time that returns a subset of documents in the database and allow me to display these documents in a control similar to a view/folder.  This is not unlike how datagrids work with SQL based languages.  I execute a specific SQL query and then display the nominated columns from the resuiltset in a grid control.  To allow performance tuning, the query should be able to be run against either the entire database or an existing view index.   This would be an ideal control to then add to an XPage design element (Web or Notes client versions).

1) Theo Heselmans6409 (20 Apr 2009)
This would be an awesomely useful control. Is already available in most development environments. If the user is capable of changing the column-width, re-sorting and re-ordering columns, and adding 'groups by's that would probably stretch it a bit, but one can only dream.
2) Richard Moy378 (29 Apr 2009)
This should have been in Notes and Domino a long time ago. Another example of features in Notes that does not get updated to meet the needs.
3) charles ross287 (13 May 2009)
Isn't this possible with XPages?
4) Peter Presnell26659 (13 Sep 2009)
@Charles, No Xpages largely runs against existing views.
5) Bill Hanson178 (08 Feb 2010)
Actually, you can bind to almost any data source. Simple Binding only allows you to bind to a Document or View. But using JavaScript, you can bind to anything that you can access via JavaScript.

For example, the following JavaScript data source may be used to populate a data table with 10 rows and 3 columns of data.

var results = new Array();
for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
results = new Array();
results[0] = "row" + i + ", col1";
results[1] = "row" + i + ", col2";
results[2] = "row" + i + ", col3";
return results;
6) Bill Hanson178 (08 Feb 2010)
That code didn't post right. Let me try again...

var results = new Array();
for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
results = new Array();
results[0] = "row" + i + ", col1";
results[1] = "row" + i + ", col2";
results[2] = "row" + i + ", col3";
return results;
7) Bill Hanson178 (08 Feb 2010)
Nope, wrong again! How can I post source code so that it won't strip out any charachters?


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