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: richtext, refresh
: Ben Langhinrichs7382 26 Nov 2007
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It would enable much more powerful and useful applications if IBM could enhance the refresh capability so that a document could be refreshed, including changes to rich text, without saving and without the need for convoluted scripts such as the one Andre Guirard always has to point to: Tip: How to update rich text in a document that's open and redisplay it without saving
This was not fixed in R5 with the NotesUIDocument.Refresh(True) call, as some have mentioned, and it is still not possible in Notes 8.  Please, IBM, make this available.
Update: I linked to a duplicate idea made previously.  I don't know whether I should also withdraw this, but I hate to do that to the people who voted for it.  Any ideas?

1) Slawek Rogulski9372 (26 Nov 2007)
Ben, your ideas looks very similar (if not identical) to Hynek's { Link }
2) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (26 Nov 2007)
Slawek - It certainly does. Unfortunately, it does point out one of the downsides of Idea Jam's popularity. I searched for several terms (e.g., "rich text" and "richtext") before posting to be sure I wasn't repeating what seemed like an obvious wish, but since Hynek referred to it as "RTF" and "rich-text-field", my search did not turn up his post. I think Bruce indicated a future ability to merge Ideas, which would be excellent for this situation. - Ben
3) Slawek Rogulski9372 (27 Nov 2007)
I know what you mean Ben. I only connected your idea to Hynek's because I actually saw his and remembered it. Even then it took me a while to find it. I can say that searching has not lived up to my (possibly high) expectations either.
4) Hynek Kobelka7940 (27 Nov 2007)
@2 I have changed the syntax in my text so that it contains "rich text" now. Hope this helps :-)
5) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (28 Nov 2007)
@Hynek - Thanks! It is hard sometimes to know what terms to use to increase searchability, but that seems like a good change.


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