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: Bill Buchan735 04 Feb 2008
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I've seen a LOT of workflow processing agents in Notes. And the one thing they all have in common is that they have to waken up at a regular interval, check all pending documents, and move around document status.

What any workflow system needs is the ability to schedule an event in the future, such as 'Run this agent against this document in 4 (working) hours'....

Enhancements might include 'If this field is still value xxxx, then run agent yyyy against this document at zz:zz...'

---* Bill

1) Randy Davison80 (04 Feb 2008)

It's great for that.
2) Slawek Rogulski9372 (04 Feb 2008)
If you could programmatically schedule { Link } an agent then you could have it run on day x y days in the future. I still support your idea though.
3) Thomas Bahn4937 (06 Feb 2008)
I think, it could be a central Timer Service (new Domino server task), at which you could register agents to run on a specific date/time in the future. This schedule has to be written to disk internally (for power shortages), then there should be options, if/when to run agents, when the server was down, ...
4) Starrow Pan5103 (14 Feb 2008)
Let the server to monitor the value change of a single document in the database is extremely inefficient, at least in current architecture.
5) Richard Schwartz4594 (11 Mar 2008)
This is relatively easy to implement on your own through one (or more) queue database(s) where each doc identifies the job to run, the doc to run it on, the time, etc. The advantage of this approach is in the "etc." You get to decide what else needs to go in these job trigger docs. Somehow I doubt that any feature built into the amgr itself would ever get to the level of flexibility that we creative developer types will always end up needing. I designed a highly successful system around this concept, with a Trigger class that was invoked at startup of each agent to read the necessary information from the trigger doc, and then again at termination to update the trigger with info for whatever the next job in the workflow sequence will be. The disadvantage of this approach, of course, is that it probably can't be as efficient -- a master agent has to run through the docs in the queue every few minutes to launch whatever jobs are needed.
6) Bill Buchan735 (12 Mar 2008)
Richard - what you've just described is a slightly smarter queue-based trigger mechanism - which still needs to start up and establish workloads every five minutes or so.

What I'm proposing is a flexible way of telling Amgr that this agent would like to be woken up (reliably) at some point in the future (where presumably it could *still* run the same workload management if required).

Thus reducing the amount of load that Amgr has - imagine on a large server, how many templates have 5-minute agents, each wakening up, establishing workload, etc.. I've seen 'thousands' of database instances all trying to do this.

---* Bill

---* Bill


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