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: Dan King2709 14 Nov 2007
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Can't believe this hasn't been proposed yet as it's an old idea.
Just want to be able to specify server (as in current server), database and view, rather than replica id. Replicas don't work for development.
This only applies, since Nathan Freeman's sesame street example, to single category embedded views, but I'm not sure I've ever embedded a view that wasn't to be single category.

1) Nathan T. Freeman2648 (14 Nov 2007)
Dan, I actually have a model for this that will let you do single-category views. Are you coming to Lotusphere? I was planning to debut the technique at my interface presentation.

I might be convinced to help you out with some ideas in advanced if you want to email me:
2) Adam Brown297 (04 Dec 2007)
This would be great. It is definitely an oversight that you can't programatically specify which view should be used for an embedded view. This mainly applies when you are refreshing designs from a template. Currently you have to relink the embedded views in the live database (when the embedded view is from a separate database) everytime you refresh the design. We have resorted to writing an agent that exports Forms as DXL, parses the DXL, and updates the replica id of the embedded view to look at the correct database. It works but can be painful.
3) John Voigts127 (19 Dec 2007)
Very good idea. Lack of this programmatic control has cost me many hours of frustration.
4) Jim Anderton50 (10 Jan 2008)
Man, I totally agree on this one. This lack of control has caused me some pain. The best workaround I've found so far is to insert the embedded view via a computed subform. Then, I have multiple subforms in my template that include the replica id in the subform name. That way I can insert the appropriate subform based on which environment I'm running in (template, test, prod, etc.) Of course, this only works in a closed environment; It wouldn't be helpful at all in a shrink wrapped app. Isn't it crazy to have to go through such gyrations when all that is needed is to set the replica id in the design element?

Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time talking to the Lotus developers about this during ND7 betas and, while we all agreed it needed to be changed, it just never made it in. Hopefully soon...

Nathan, I'll definitely attend your session. Show me whatcha got! :-)
5) Jochen Sack732 (01 Jul 2008)
Definitely a need. That would make embedded views so much more useful for building state-of-the-art GUIs in Notes.
6) Ravikiran Kodali320 (29 Dec 2008)
There was a product called LoyalView+ from Sisdam technologies. If some of the features make it to the embedded view, it will be great.
7) Hendrik Jan van Meerveld812 (17 Dec 2009)
Yes IBM please fix this. Where can I send my money to have this fixed?
This causes too many frustrations when going from development to production!


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