Ability to auto-disable out of office agent upon return 
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: Joyce Davis531 03 Jan 2008
: / Email
It would be great to have the option to automatically disable my out of office agent on the date I'm set to return.  Currently, we get an e-mail reminder to disable the agent, with instructions on how to do it.  As I completed those steps most recently, I thought how much easier it would be if it just did that for me automatically.  Certainly there are good reasons one might want to do it manually (if you think you might end up being out longer than you planned, etc.), but it would be nice to have the OPTION of setting it to automatically disable. 
Alternative: At the very least, rather than just sending me an e-mail reminder, telling me to click More >> Out of Office>> Disable.  How about a disable button IN the reminder e-mail, so it's just a simple one-click?

1) Randy Smith3794 (03 Jan 2008)
In Note Domino Release 8 you can implement Out of Office as an agent or as a router service. Implementing as a router service will automatically disable Out of Office for users when their Out of Office period expires (among several other advantages over agent-based OOO).
2) Bruce Elgort12540 (03 Jan 2008)
Joyce what version of Notes are you running in IBM?
3) Ron kamstra23 (04 Jan 2008)

As randy mentioned in R8 you can do the thing you need.
4) Joyce Davis531 (04 Jan 2008)
Thanks Randy, Bruce and Ron! I was actually looking for end-user functionality, not an admin setting (although it's nice to know that the admin ability exists -- I hadn't explored that).
5) Gregg Eldred8655 (04 Jan 2008)
@Joyce: AFAIK, R8 will automatically disable the OOO when the user says that they will return. HTH.
6) Joyce Davis531 (07 Jan 2008)
@Gregg hmmm....mine didn't...in fact when I got back from vacation last week, I got an e-mail reminder telling me that I needed to manually disable OOO. (I'm using Notes 8)
7) Randy Smith3794 (16 Jan 2008)
@Joyce - Then I suspect that the OOO type is agent based. You can run either (agent-based or service based) in Release 8, but you have to have a "pure" Domino 8 server cluster to implement the router service OOOO type. Have you completed your upgrade to Release 8 or are you still running a mixed environment (Release 8 and pre-Release 8). When you complete your upgrade, you should consider implementing service-based OOO and it will reserve the issue related to your idea post.


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