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Archive Policy allows archive server to be defined based on home mail server 
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: Domino Server / Data Storage and Management
: Archive, Policy, Home, Mail, Server, OU
: Nathan Chandler1493 07 Jul 2008
: / Email
Currently with Policies they are applied based on OU or explicitly. Further, for archive policies, you can choose either a specific archive server, or choose to archive to the home mail server.
This is not flexible enough if you have many users in the same OU spread across 2 or more mail servers.
I propose that in the server document you can specify an appropriate archive server for users of this server. And in the policy document you have the option to choose an archive server based on the setting in the users home server document.
This will allow me to have 1 archive server per mail server. Why? Because archives get very large and you can have them on low-powered servers, with slow cheap disk arrays and it allows the mail server to perform at its best if you farm the archives off to a separate server. Having separate archive servers also helps to avoid very large volume sizes which would occur if I pointed all mail servers at one archive server. (impacting backups, and possibly hitting volume size limits)

1) Tinus Riyanto2895 (05 Aug 2013)
Agree that this would be useful as we recently found out.

I would even further suggest that several mail server can share an archive server since if you have more than ten if would not seem likely that you would add another ten or so archive servers, right ?


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