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Replace Passport Advantage with something simple 
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: Tim Paque2757 06 Mar 2010
: / Email
Passport Advantage is so incredibly bad it should be completely thrown out.    Create a new site.  Here's an idea, use Lotus Notes to build it so the Search actually works!
Availability of the Latest version of the software should only be a login, a search and 1 click away.  (I'd love to skip the login, but if you must, you must)
If IBM insists on keeping that terrible site that's fine.  Create an additional site one that is just for Lotus brand products.  I'm certain somebody could do it in 7 hours or less.
Tell the legal people they will have to be satisfied with the clause "By downloading this you agree to the Terms" and offer a link to the terms.  Nothing more.
I quite like the latest version of the Lotus Products.  Too bad most folks can't even find them.

1) Gavin Bollard1561 (09 Mar 2010)
This is one of the few idea jam ideas that I wish I could vote twice for.

I'd love to see it all PROPERLY menu driven.

1. What brand are you looking for Picklist containing Lotus, Cognos etc...

2. What product name: Picklist containing Domino Server, Notes Client, Sametime Client, etc... (all clearly spelled out) .

3. What Operating System: Picklist containing Windows 32, Windows 64, Mac, Linux etc...

4. What language: Picklist containing ONLY the languages which are available.

5. What version: Picklist containing ONLY the versions which are actually available which satisfy all the other criteria. Also - at the top of the picklist, there should be one that says 8.5.1 (Current) - ie: Marked Current so that we know that it IS the latest.

There should be entirely separate streams for FIXES vs PRODUCTS.

http should be supported as well as FTP (FTP is blocked by many firewalls).
2) Peter Presnell26659 (11 Mar 2010)
I think it would be cool if I could open my Admin client, open a specific server and then have a single button that identifies all updates that are available for that server and/or the latest release. My passport advantage details should come from an account document in my PAB and the Administrator client should be able to tell what Operating system, language, and current version I have installed.
3) David Hablewitz15237 (06 Apr 2010)
The fact that you have to click to accept the terms TWICE to download is annoying.
That there are 4 download links on the home page and you have to click on the correct Downloads link or it will take you to the non-Passport Advantage downloads (evaluation versions, etc).
That the fix packs and hot fixes are not available here (go to fix central for those)
That there are 6 links that say Support or Assistance, but each goes to a different type of support (not the site to create PMRs)
The fact that there is no Home page. If you click Home, it goes to IBM's home and you can't get back easily.
Check out the attached screenshot.

Where do I stop?
4) Julian Woodward1824 (29 Jun 2010)
It's a totally abysmal site, and yes it should be replaced with something that's actually fit-for-purpose*. Whether that's developed using Domino I really don't care - the end result is the most important thing - although Domino would almost certainly be the quickest and most cost-effective approach.

* The same could be said for Partnerworld and, in fact, the entire IBM website.
5) Tim Paque2757 (26 Aug 2010)
I want to push this idea even harder. I was all excited for Notes 8.5.2 and once again the site made me jump through a million hoops in order to fail.
Then jump through a million hoops again, in order to fail, again, and again, and again (You get the point)
This is because once you fail you cannot even navigate back, and have to start over from the beginning,

My enthusiasm was quickly replaced with disgust.

And I still don't have Notes 8.5.2

Wonder how hard it would be to download an Exchange Patch... I'll go compare

6) Tim Paque2757 (26 Aug 2010)
OK, I'm back and had already gotten the most recent patch for the MS Exchange server. Took only a few seconds to find and start the download. (Don't actually have an exchange server, just want to point out that MS does a MUCH better job at offering updates.

Pretty disgusting, Wish IBM would clean up their act and just allow the updates to be downloaded without any authentication through a simple and sane website.
7) Tinus Riyanto2900 (09 Oct 2011)
I wonder how many votes it will take before this idea is implemented. I would like tis very much even if the change of this becoming real is abysmal.
8) David Hablewitz15237 (10 Oct 2011)
You might be interested in my blog post { Link } where I gave a detailed analysis of the website or more importantly, the response it received from Maria Arbusto, Director, Digital Marketing and Online Commerce, IBM Software.


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