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Alphabetize the list of Additional Options in the Preferences Dialog 
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: Eric March615 21 Aug 2009
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When you open the Notes Client Preferences dialog and access the "Basic Notes Client Configuration" section there are numerous items in the "Additional Options" box.  The items may be in some functional order, but it would be much more useful (and easier to assist users) if they were simply presented in alphabetical order.

1) Starrow Pan4716 (25 Aug 2009)
A searchable list (e.g. preferences in FireFox) would be better.
2) Peter Presnell26659 (13 Sep 2009)
I think they are listed in the order they were added. Great for history buff but not very practical now the list has grown so long.
3) Bill Malchisky9254 (08 Jan 2010)
@2 Well, some new preferences have been sprinkled throughout the list since the formal introduction of the now more modern preference list in v4. But for the most part you are correct. What is consistent and well planned, is that all of the "Do Not <x>" options are appended at the bottom for easy reference, along with the "Show check marks in margins..." and that should remain, imho

@0 In rethinking this, alphabetizing would create confusion. When setting preferences, we tend to focus on the keyword in the preference (e.g. Java, Javascript, Print, MS Office, Internet URLs), rather than the introductory verb beginning most options in the list. So, it quite possibly would be more convoluted to alphabetize at this point, as one is not going to look first for "Invoke" instead of "enable" for vCard support, or "Retain" versus "Enable", "Invoke", "Allow" for view column sorting.

@1 as per the above paragraph, a searchable list would be just a fruitless, as the introductory word is not intuitive in all cases. Sure it could be learned, but people will still be scrolling to find the one they want. Unless you prefer that all words in the list are searchable, then that would be fine.

The list is in the form it is, and most of us are used to it, right or wrong. That's my $0.02.
4) Bill Malchisky9254 (08 Jan 2010)
p.s. The only way to do this and avoid perpetual frustration with the verb choices, is to rewrite all the options based upon the keyword.


Background tasks -- print requests as
Background tasks -- disable view updates as
Document images -- compress when pasted
MIME Mail -- disable embedded browser
vCard Support -- invoke
View column sorting -- retain

It's easier to search and locate what you need, but a different way to think of the expressions we've seen for years. So, this type of change may put-off some less users or those with lower language skill/aptitude.


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